Almost Half of Crimes in Berlin Committed by Migrants

Almost half of the individuals suspected of a recorded crime in Berlin last year were individuals who don’t have a German passport, the latest police statistics show.

The proportion of crimes carried out by immigrants rose to 45 per cent last year, a five per cent increase from 2015, when they comprised 40 per cent of crimes committed in the German capital.

  • Watchman

    Expect the German government’s PR line likely to be, “Extreme far-right racist groups claim that the majority of crime is caused by immigrants. This is not so, and unfairly discriminates against refugee families who are fleeing persecution in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. We are considering making it a jailable criminal offence to say that all refugees are criminals or terrorists.”

    • Clink9

      You could be their Don Lemon!

  • Clink9

    But what is crime compared to good falafel shops?

    Quit yer bitchin’ and bellyachin’.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Most crimes are committed by 2% of the population of any modern country. What Germany has done is import MORE of them and then ignored it. They could have accomplished the same thing by freeing every single prisoner in jail in Germany.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      And most of them would have been loyal Germans with criminal problem.

  • barryjr

    Germans as a whole are complete idiots and deserve whatever shit destroys their country.