Why fans are losing interest in football

Five reasons from Zachary Abate at the Federalist:

2. Commercials, Commercials Everywhere.

The NFL has always tried to milk every last penny of ad revenue out of games, but there seems to be an advertising overkill this season. This especially affects the younger generation in America, which has already shown a propensity for moving away from commercial-laden cable and toward online streaming and other sources that minimize advertisements or allow advertisements to be more easily skipped.

If you’re a diehard NFL fan and it’s the only sport you watch, take a break and watch some hockey, baseball, basketball, or soccer. It’s crazy, right? You actually get to see a game played.More.

Reality check: The hijacking of football by SJWs is probably more of an outcome of loss of interest than a driver of it. SJWs are an opportunistic infection: If the sport were healthier, pride in sportsmanship would rule and the competition would be for top spots, not virtue awards. One can always do virtue on one’s own time, once one has become a household name for achievements, not mere protests. But that’s only true if the market is healthy.

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