The other reason the Emmys are slipping

It’s not just the screaming SJWs that we change routes to avoid. There’s more. From Brent Bozell at Townhall:

There’s another obvious reason awards shows have been slipping: who’s nominated and who wins. Much like the Oscars, Emmy voters lurch toward excess, the egregiously sexy and violent and progressive/”transgressive” products. Popular shows are often rejected because, well, they’re popular, which must mean they’re not smart enough or they’re just too formulaic and predictable.

Shows on the Big Four networks get slighted for cable networks and streaming services. Here are the top Emmy winners by network in 2017: 29 for HBO, 20 for Netflix, 15 for NBC and 10 for Hulu. By contrast, ABC won seven. Subtract NBC’s nine awards for “Saturday Night Live, ” and it won only six. CBS got four. More.

Reality check: In short, the annual production is no longer in touch with the broad public, and therefore it must market outrageous outrage to get attention. But year by year, the outrage matters less. If the operation moved to Canada, maybe they could get government grants to broadcast to a handful of faithful fans.

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