Sadiq Khan’s Uber ban ‘could breach race laws as more than 90% of drivers are from minorities’ say campaigners as 20,000 of the firm’s workers email the London mayor

‘There is a huge disparity in socioeconomic conditions of BME [black minority ethnic] citizens and their white British counterparts.’


  • xavier

    Another area to expose:how much did Khan take to be the taxi unions kept politician?and the London city council.
    I’m one that Uber driver will go to the human rights tribunal to overturn the ban

    Bwhahahaha man the popcorn we’ll eat during this escapade

  • canminuteman

    A supposedly civilized country has “race laws”? Isn’t that why we drove South Africa into the hands of the homicidal communist ANC, because we disagreed with their “race laws?

  • David Murrell

    I’m not up on my Uber-cab politics, but libertarians seem to like it, and the banal news media cartel initially gave Uber good reviews since it was new and used a more advanced computer technology.

    But old-style left-wing city councils, like London, seem to oppose it. So this seems like a case of the left eating its own.