Round-Trip Tickets: How Will Authorities Know When Foreign Fighters Have Returned?

Now that the Islamic State’s caliphate is collapsing in Iraq and Syria, Europe is bracing for an influx of foreign fighters attempting to return home to their respective countries of origin. Many of the Islamic State’s European cadres have a criminal past, and tracking and arresting them in the criminal underworld will be vital for preventing potential attacks and longer-term counterterrorism success.

  • bob e

    You will know them after they slaughter a few people. After such murderous
    highs, gotta be tough to withstand the lows ..

  • Passports should be revoked and any returned thugs should be tried and convicted.

    Who wants a child rapist driving a school bus?

    Europeans would be mad to let this go unchecked (but they will).

  • Norman_In_New_York

    These returnees are hostile invaders and should be treated as such. Jihad is war, not criminal conduct, and the appropriate response to war fanatics is to take no prisoners.