Police have thwarted seven attacks since March – London mayor

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said police had thwarted seven attacks by militants since March this year, describing the increase in the number as a shift rather than a spike.

Speaking at the annual conference of his opposition Labour Party, Khan also said the police needed more spending to help them counter such attacks and that Internet companies must do more to crackdown on extremist content.

  • simus1

    His priorities lie elsewhere. Like being Daft Corbyn’s replacement.

  • That’s the liberal solution in a nutshell. Instead of keeping the Jihadis and their communal supporters out in the first place, you punish everyone by censoring the internet, increasing pressure on your police and eavesdropping on everyone (heaven forbid there should be any “profiling”). In the meantime, you gloss over the actual attacks and tear your rotator cuff patting yourself on the back for “preventing” what should not have been possible anyway.

  • This man is the limit.

    If Londoners did not boot after his terrorism comment, they probably never will.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Not including the 200 acid attacks. Two hundred.