Europe: The Great White Death?

A riveting — thanks to its subject — paper was posted the September 4, 2017 on the website of “Institut des Libertés,” the think tank of the great French financier Charles Gave. In it, he asks: Does the native population — by which he means the white population — of Europe face extinction?

  • canminuteman

    Yes they do face extinction. Reading about the results of the German election makes me realize it is all over for civilization. The majority of people seem to believe in open borders and no nationalities. Of course the “newcomers” don’t feel like that but the natives are too stupid and brain washed to understand that. I suspect there will be a civil war in Germany between the left and the right and Islam will inherit the ruins.

  • Watchman

    Yes, they do face extinction. The childless atheist elite in Europe don’t care though, because after they are dead, it doesn’t matter anyway to them. When you stop having your own children, you don’t care about leaving a debt that your grandchildren would have to otherwise pay off. You won’t care about ensuring that the society you leave is going to not repress nor kill your children, yet you will also support bringing in young people in a unconscious misplaced parental imperative.

  • lavallette

    Deliberate national suicide through contraception and abortion for the sake of a generational desire for a self-centered hedonistic life, and thus creating the necessary space for the Islamic HIJRA take over.