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Jordan Peterson and the Transgender Wars

At the University of Toronto, after receiving two written warnings, he [Jordan Peterson] has been in danger of losing his job following his announcement that he would refuse to use the preferred gender pronouns of students and faculty who don’t identify with their biological gender, to the fury of radical transgender activists. The use of such pronouns is mandatory under a recently instituted Canadian law, Bill C-16. Peterson rejects the injunction on free speech grounds. ‘I’m not going to cede linguistic territory to post-modernist neo-Marxists,’ he says. He has expressed the view that he might use the preferred gender pronoun of a particular person, if asked by that individual, rather than having the decision foisted on him by the state.

The Maple Leaf Mujahideen: The Rise of the Canadian Jihadi Movement

Though seldom mentioned in the same breath as prolific Western jihadi producers such as France, Germany, and Belgium, Canada has a long and often overlooked history of producing jihadists. From the “Millennium Bomber” and the “Toronto 18” to the “Ottawa 3” and the “Calgary cluster,” jihadis have organized on Canadian soil to carry out attacks, both in-country and around the world. While Canadians have fought on jihadi battlefields as far flung as Afghanistan and Syria, their government has failed to implement comprehensive counterterrorism and deradicalization measures. Lagging far behind its Western allies, Canada implemented its first counterterrorism strategy in 2012 and has yet to create a desperately needed nationwide deradicalization program. The rise of ISIS and lone wolf attacks has increased the need for these reforms.

Rex Murphy: All global warming predictions are infallible… until they’re not

From a number of venues normally in robotic lockstep with the great consensus of settled science, the London Times, the Washington Post, and even the maniacally warmist The Independent, a story emerges that the famous models of the global warming industry may have overstated the degree of global warming in the past two decades.

They do not say this on their own, mind you. That would localize the heresy, and no organ of respectable journalistic opinion is willing to go full apostate on the creed of the Ecopocalypse without external backup.

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UN peacekeepers in Congo hold record for rape, sex abuse

If the U.N. sexual abuse crisis has an epicenter, it is the Congo, where the scope of the problem first emerged 13 years ago — and where promised reforms have most clearly fallen short. Of the 2,000 sexual abuse and exploitation complaints made against U.N. peacekeepers and personnel worldwide over the past 12 years, more than 700 occurred in Congo, The Associated Press found. The embattled African nation is home to the U.N.’s largest peacekeeping force, which costs a staggering $1 billion a year.

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Canada’s Sikh population needs to communicate its identity to the country

The population of Sikhs in the world today is approximately 27 million. Jagmeet Singh is one of those who have worked hard to find a place in Canadians’ hearts, recently stepping down as deputy leader of the Ontario NDP in take a shot at replacing Tom Mulcair as next federal leader of the NDP.

At a Brampton rally the other week, as soon as Singh stood up and started to speak a woman who was angry about Islamic sharia law interrupted him.

“We know you’re about sharia law. We know you’re about the Muslim Brotherhood. We know about your votes,” she yelled in Singh’s face. “When is your sharia going to end?” the woman asked the Sikh politician in regard to Islamic law.