CNN: Trump’s Attacks On Athletes Were ‘Racial’

CNN’s Brian Stelter criticized President Donald Trump’s attacks on the NFL, National Anthem protesters, and NBA stars as “racial.”

“All of this has a racial component we can’t ignore,” Stelter told his colleague Fredricka Whitfield on CNN Saturday afternoon.

  • Starlord

    No, they brought race into it.

    8yrs of obama really did a job on America. He did fuck all for blacks except party with Jay Z and Beyonce.

  • ontario john

    We are much more progressive here in Sunny Ways Canada. Our media, political, and educational elites trash talk all the time about our history and traditions. We even have our Great Leader Trudeau trash talk about us at the UN. Its so progressive.

    • shasta

      It is madness; but I guess that is synonymous with progressive.

  • David Murrell

    I tried watching the cnn reliable sourcesc show, when Brian Stelle took over from Howard Kurtz. Mr. Seltzer is a real piece of left-wing work, and rendered the show unwatchable. Kurt, a political moderate, went over to fox news. There has been no real discussion about why Kurtz left cnn — but at the time cnn was making a deliberate move to tilt the network to the left.

  • QiPo

    Of course. Which party is historically more aligned with progressive ideals? Truth avoidance? Fascist style actions? Nation deprecation? Control, control, control a la Stalin? Bald faced lying? Power? Constitution hating? Denial of human history and its lessons? Of course. Sadder yet, they do not have a monopolistic grip on these thinking distortions.

  • Bernie

    The American Public is being manipulated by the MSM and the Democrat Party in a move to destroy the American Spirit. Being proud of your Flag and National Anthem requires respect and none is shown at any Game by Players that are being paid to play and not being paid to disrespect the Flag. Trump is correct. You want to disrespect your Flag and Country, get off the playing field and do it in the Streets with the rest of the Protesters.

  • irishrus

    Going by liberals, populism rules so CNN needs to know who rules populism now.

  • andycanuck

    I wonder when was the last time was that Stetler’s been to an NFL game?

  • Mickey Oberman

    CNN and all MSM have long ago lost any credibility they may have had.
    Truth is completely foreign to them.
    We may expect nothing better from those disgustingly pathetic losers in the near or distant future.