Canadian Chamber of Commerce critical of proposed tax reforms by Ottawa

Members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce say proposed tax changes for businesses by the federal government are casting business people in a negative light, and the finance minister should apologize.

  • DMB
    • Exile1981

      He says he’s closing loopholes the rich use but he’s waging war against the middle class and making it easier for his masters to hide their money.

  • shasta

    “federal government are casting business people in a negative light”

    Come on – this has been going on since before I was born. Most politicians would starve if they couldn’t steal money and credit from the more productive members of society.

  • Oracle9

    Canada, the next Venezuela.

    These ignorant bureaucrats don’t have to fortify themselves for a “rainy day”, because in the vast majority of government positions there is no risk. Even when government positions are cut back they are done with generous buyouts.

    No such perks are available for entrepreneur, save the incorporation laws.

    Hopefully the government will continue their assault until they are brought down for their mismanagement.,

    They cannot be forgiven for their assault on private enterprise, threatening a further investment exodus, and dividing our country toward class warfare by fanning the flames of falsehoods about employers. Commie takeovers always end in catastrophe.

  • Unless there are riots, nothing will happen.

    Are Canadians pi$$ed off enough to preserve what little money they have?

    • Dave

      Yeah, good luck with that. The pussified non-leftists will sit around drinking beer and bitching about it and the pussified leftists will be cheering and applauding it. Welcome to Canaduh!

  • Frances

    Could be totally wrong, but there’s a story out there that this change will force small business owners to go another route to retirement – purchase some particular financial plan. And, so the story goes, there’s one company in Canada that sells the majority of these plans.