But why do they think guys watch football?

Get a load of these links from Drudge:

Reality check: It’s a sign of the growing cultural divide that football pros have forgotten that they are, after all, entertainment, and if they do not entertain, they are finished. Unless, of course, progressivism triumphs in the end and the only legal sports are Correct. But did even the Soviet Union go that far? Didn’t even they value sports achievement over posturing?

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  • Ed

    Reading with much amusement the nervous left’s reaction to this kerfuffle.

    As much as they’re tilting toward bashing Trump, they clearly suspect his criticisms have a solid support.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The NFL wants turn into a freak show. The next gimmick will be what? Women on special teams? Transgender athletes? No tackles?

    • Clausewitz

      Slap and tickle football up next. Real football is too violent for the left to comprehend.