Sweden’s Dilemma: ‘Failed to React on Islamist Threat’ to ‘Avoid Racism Stigma’

Amid the rising terrorist threat across Europe, a Swedish Security Service veteran has added more fuel to the debate by claiming politicians did not dare to confront the rise of radical Islamism for fear of being identified as xenophobic.

  • tom_billesley

    Swedes recommended to stop making babies for sake of environment.
    I’m sure the mahometan migrants will be on board with this.

  • Gary

    The islamofascists in the Liberal party under Trudeau are trying to get sharia Blasphemy laws in canada and deem any opposition to Jihad slaughters or the take over of canada for islam….a hate crime to be jail for.

    Toronto is on its way to muslim rape-gangs and rampant pedophilia because CUPE and police are over paid to the point where they are loyal to the pay check…not canada’s laws.
    If you’re a Diversity Cop making $90,000.00 a year as your first real job and you’re young wanting a Condo and V8 Mustang Shelby…..why would you
    rock the boat to expose muslim rape gangs where CAIR will call you a racist and islamophobe while Justin could have you arrested for a hate-crime .
    Currently , the police won’t arrest illegals because John Tory approved it where illegals are an issue for Immigration and the RCMP, not local police.
    These means that illegals that are rape-gangs are a problem for Immigration or the Border services.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when a City Councilor has their daughter being raped in public by an illegal while an OPP officers sees it or a Toronto Cop that walks right by because it’s an Immigration and RCMP issue .

    They can’t have it both ways….if John Tory orders the Police to not report or arrest illegal because they are an issue for the RCMP ……. then the same RCMP won’t help when a crime is a Police problem for Toronto.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s hard to know all the reasons why governments and the societies they purport to represent do idiotic things unto death. Maybe the time was ripe for Sweden to give up and die and this was a convenience. What for example, are the actual statistical voter turn out rates in Sweden and where are they? In NYC hyper liberal Marxist Mayor Mao Tse-Blasio was elected by 75% of only a 25% voter turnout which means almost 5 out of 6 voters didn’t vote for him.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

  • bargogx1

    Over and over again we hear of people being afraid to do their jobs for fear of being branded “racist” or “xenophobic”. Someone needs to be held accountable for this, and that someone is whoever they’re afraid of. Whatever individuals or organizations are responsible for this fear are obviously a blight on society and need to be dealt with harshly.