Oklahoma Beheading Trial: Are Believing Muslims Mentally Ill?

It’s a question because the US does not recognize that the morality of Islam is inverted. Good is bad and bad is good. Therefore, he felt that beheading his co-worker was the right thing to do. Non-Muslims must never “oppress” Muslims by being over them in any way – not even at work. Women cannot be over men – this is humiliating and demands redress. Killing his kafir oppressor guarantees the favor of Allah.

  • DMB

    Take a look at his forehead. That is not a birthmark it is a prayer bump. This guy definitely has received a brain injury due to banging his head on the ground one too many times which explains a lot!

  • Tooth&Claw

    With that dark zebiba, I say brain damage. Irrepairable brain damage.

    • bob e

      he’s already got brain damage .. he’s AFRICAN ..

  • J. C.

    They have to be mentally ill… No one in their right mind could ever believe in such bullshit!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Maybe the movie version can have an all female cast

  • bob e

    Think the black idiots BLM will get out & disrupt everything
    for the sake of this AFRICAN jail bird murderer ??

  • That’s it. Prepare for an insanity defense.

    Now everyone can think that Muslims are just nutty.

    Why is it that every defense they come up with is still self-defeating?