Disturbing Video Shows Brutal Assault On Elderly Teacher by Middle School Students

Reports indicate school officials whitewashing incident.

“Whitewashing” lol.

  • shasta

    More like blackwashing.

    • Maggat

      In spades. Or by spades?

  • deplorabledave

    Whenever negroes gather in groups, their feral nature emerges in spades.

  • Tooth&Claw

    And the first thing their Mommas will do is defend the little darlings, rather than allow the teacher/system to discipline them

    • Watchman

      Many of their parents know no other resolution method, never having had discipline themselves (let alone any self-discipline).

    • caliroxanne

      If the teacher would have defended herself, she would have been charged with child abuse and possibly sent to prison. She and the school would have been sued and these worthless thugs would be millionaires.

  • Watchman

    The elderly white teacher should not have interfered with a traditional non-white cultural practice, but stood back and videoed it on a camera or cellphone for resolution by impartial school administrators. I hope this will be the last time she ever attempts to impose her white privilege on minorities.

  • Miss Trixie
    • Blacksmith

      Exactly! I have made that point numerous times.

  • Cattle-prods.

    That is what I have to say.