Deletion of Liberal gas-plant emails deliberate attempt to keep info secret: Crown

The deletion of thousands of documents related to the politically explosive decision to cancel two gas plants near Toronto was a deliberate act that breached the public trust, the trial of two former top aides in the Ontario premier’s office heard Friday.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    How do you screw up a Lottery?
    I thought that mathematically, it couldn’t be done.

  • What – if anything – has been recovered?

    • Waffle

      Nothing has been recovered, but that’s not the point. The fact that they erased (and doubly erased!!) government documents IS the point. Government documents are part of the public trust and MUST be preserved for examination and scrutiny.

      The fact that they are not an never will be signifies that we no longer have what we thought was a democratic state. And nobody seems to care.

      I don’t know about you,but I find it increasingly difficult to read about the transgressions of the scum who hold power over us. Do I want to pollute my mind reading about the lying crap that drips so fllawlessly from the mouth of the Polyester Princess or the narcissistic inanities of the Boy king? Not really. Besides, it’s time for my morning chore of scooping out the litter box.

      • Granted the action itself is criminal and unethical but if the Crown’s position is that these guys were hiding information, it would be good to know what that was.

        What bothers me more than reading about this sort of malfeasance is the comfort voters have with it.

        • Waffle

          We have become inured to corruption. It is so prevalent. For too many, this is just another drop in the ever-expanding slop bucket.

          • We really have.

            I don’t think Canadians know how to deal without it.

  • Tooth&Claw

    It’s pathetically sad and infuriating to see it laid out like that. Yet Ontario voters still appear to be oblivious to Wynne’s mismanagement.

    • Chris

      The takers now outnumber the makers. Between the insipid public unions and their compatriots in the trade union movement, the now generational welfare class, and every special interest leech out there, we are vastly outnumbered. Throw into the Liberal party propagandist media telling the uninformed that everything is rosey and anyone who disagrees is a hater and I truly believe that Ontario is lost. There is no one on the horizon with the balls to start the long fix. Doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman, political balls know no gender.

    • DMB

      Recently I was at a fall agricultural fair and I saw a booth hosted by OPSEU trying to get people to petition the Liberal government on keeping Ontario Hydro Public and why keeping everything public is in the public interest. Only problem is OPSEU supported Wynne as well as helped campaign for her. They are part of the problem not the solution. They sold their political soul to the devil Wynne for greed and power. Come the next election who do you think they will be supporting! We all know the answer it will be Wynne in order to keep the gravy train going.