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The insane news cycle of Trump’s presidency in 1 chart

If it feels like the Trump presidency has been hit by non-stop scandals and crises from day one, it’s probably because it has been. The Google News Lab looked at the search trends for stories about 40 of the biggest news events of Trump’s presidency from Jan. 20 until Sept. 1. You can see how we’ve all jumped from one four-alarm news fire to another.

GoFundMe Removes Account of Woman Fundraising Anti-Sharia Tour, Conservative Web Show

“This development is part of a current onslaught by companies who are closing their platforms to those who dissent from the Left’s totalitarian worldview,” the web show concluded. “Freedom of speech and conscience are being annihilated each passing day right before our eyes.”

Florida Residents Warned They’ll Be Ticketed For Hurricane-Damaged Homes

Celso Perez told local WSVN-TV that he, his family, and his neighbors were starting to clear fallen trees from the streets after the storm passed through at nine in the morning on Monday. Hours later, in the afternoon, Perez got a visit from the county.

“And we thought he was here to help us or offer some type of assistance with the trees, maybe he was going to bring us ice or something,” Perez told WSVN. Instead, the official slapped a safety notice on the only part of Perez’s fence still standing.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Says All Men Should Be Feminists, Calls For End to ‘Bro Culture’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for “Bro culture” to come to an end and said all men need to become feminists and “shut down” one another’s “negative conversations” in locker rooms.

“It’s not only that men can be feminists, it’s that men should be feminists as well,” Trudeau said with a lisp Wednesday at a United Nations youth empowerment meeting in New York.

Leftist magazine: “Hurricanes don’t kill people, climate deniers do!”

According to Hertsgaard, refusing to act against global warming is to condemn thousands of people to death, which he says is murder, even if Trump’s willful ignorance of climate science prevents him from seeing it.

He further states, murder is murder and it should be punished as such.

Is he saying we need to round up and jail the “deniers” of climate change?

Once again, the tolerant, loving Left shows its true colours.

  • tom_billesley

    Global Warming news: it’s snowed in northern California on the last day of summer.

  • ontario john

    And now the Saturday Toronto Star. Standard stories on indians, praise for little Justin on trash talking Hitler Harper at the UN, Heather Mallick and another feminist rant that men are sexist pigs in Canada, NDP are wonderful for wanting to shut down resource development and pipelines in Canada, Wynne and Jerry Brown are wonderful for sucking money out of Ontario taxpayer wallets, Trump is Hitler, and muslim terrorists are being persecuted in Burma.

    • Maggat

      Ya, crazy world isn’t it?

  • ontario john

    Mayor John Tory’s efforts to suck up to social justice warriors isn’t working out too well. The person he hired to handle whiny indian issues in Toronto, has quit and is lodging a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal. Apparently the person is not allowed to start fires in city hall for smudging ceremonies.

  • Reader
  • tom_billesley

    Need more “Rohingya” in the west.
    Groom in his 30’s ‘turned his nose up at’ authorities by marrying 14-year-old child bride after warnings, court hears. The man was living in Melbourne on a bridging visa at the time of the wedding, having fled Myanmar as an asylum seeker.

  • Maggat

    Mark Hertsgaard is really in need of psychiatric help.

  • DMB

    Justin Trudeau next step in his feminism odyssey is to turn alpha males into beta males.