Canadians Oppose Trudeau’s Khadr Payment By Huge 39% Margin

A new survey shows Canadians across the political spectrum oppose the Khadr deal, and 44% say it will impact their vote in the 2019 election.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But think of how this will improve Canada’s diversity by attracting many more migrants from Pakistan!

    • LairdKintyre

      Of course. It makes the Jihadhi reward payouts Hamas gives look like peanuts. Qudos, Little Potato, terrorists of the world love you

  • Gary

    The good News is that Maher Arar showed his true colours when called everyone opposed to the pay-out a RACIST.
    Don’t forget that CAIR and Sheema Khan were part of Arar’s $400,000,000.00 lawsuit where he accepted $10.2 million to go away.
    Since the Arar case…..we now know that CAIR was funding Hamas at that time which Khan never told the CBC or the Justice O’Connor . Khadr said he saw Maher in one of the Jihad terrorism camp in Afghanistan for which Arar called him a liar , But suddenly Arar loves Omar now that they played us for Suckers and got bags of Money that can help fund terrorism in Canada via Training camps .

    Poor Jack Layton….. he got sucked in like some village idiot where defend both of them just to get the Muslim votes. He’s a quisling that will be in the history books once the grand jihad starts in canada and all of the traitors in the NDP and liberals get tied to islamic terrorism and radical mosques.

    Muslims are NOT a race of people….but they DO think they are the MASTER-RACE destine to rule the World .

  • Only 44%?

    Oh, for the love of crumb-cake …

    • BillyHW

      Women voters want to sleep with both of them.

      • John Boy

        They can dream all they want but the best they can hope for is watching the two of them go at it.

      • Please don’t make me throw up.

  • Flyboy

    The proponents of the Khadr deal point out three factors in justifying his $10.5 million pay day. They were the claim that young Omar was a “child soldier”, that his “due process” Charter rights were infringed upon and that he was “tortured” while imprisoned in Guantanamo.

    Mr. Khadr was plucked from a foreign battlefield and was subject to the international laws of war – not the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In accordance with the related conventions in place at the time of his capture, Mr. Khadr was not a “child” soldier. At best, he could be considered a “youth” at the time of his capture but still eligible for treatment as an adult given the nature and severity of his crimes. Additionally, he could not be considered a “soldier” under these same conventions as he was an “unlawful enemy combatant”. As such, he could not even be considered to be a “Prisoner of War” but, rather, an unlawful enemy combatant subject to trial by military tribunal.

    Canada, as a signatory to the Geneva Conventions that informed Khadr’s treatment, was neither obliged nor authorized to extend Charter protections to Khadr whilst he was an American captive. Indeed, related Canadian Forces’ doctrine dictates that the interrogation of combatants, unlawful or not, shall always be conducted as if the subject had Prisoner of War status. It is important to note that this status does not afford the prisoner a right to have a lawyer present during such interrogations. In the matter of torture, this same doctrine is adamant that a prisoner not be subjected to “unpleasant or disadvantageous treatment”. At the same time, however, it requires that allegations of ill-treatment be supported by evidence that establishes proof of such “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

    Allegations of torture in Khadr’s case were floated by an affidavit that originated with the Khadr legal team. These allegations were investigated by the military judge, Patrick J. Parrish, who determined that no evidence existed to support the numerous accusations. All this to say there was no basis to conclude that Khadr was the target of mistreatment. This assessment was reinforced when video evidence was uncovered that proved Khadr took part in the building and implanting of IEDs. It was at this point that Khadr refused to take the stand and subject his claims of torture to cross examination. It was also at this point that he confessed to his crimes.

    At the end of the day, Khadr was an unlawful enemy combatant who confessed his crimes due to the evidence against him – not because he was tortured. He had no right to claim Charter protections and should have been prosecuted for treason upon his return to Canada. The fact that he was not was a disservice to Canada and those charged with her defense.

    • WalterBannon

      we need a law suit against the govt over this payout

  • LairdKintyre

    On behalf of my fellow Deplorables, I want you to call me and my over 60 percent of fellow Canadians who oppose the Khadr deal, ignorant bigots. I double dare you. Cmon Justin, a big feeling virtue signalling SJW like you must be clamping at the bit to do that. Please call us out, Trudeau. I want to see that 60 percent of Canadians wholl vote against you jump to 90 percent in one day. So long, Justin Who? You one term wonder. 2019 is coming fast. Hello PM Scheer.