Canada: Man jailed for “no more Muslims” graffiti

Judge Justice Ferhan Javed stated that “Mr. Porco’s message was both hateful and hurtful to the community and needs to be deterred.”

Did the punishment fit the crime? Why are Islamic hate preachers who explicitly call for the murder of Jews not being jailed? Ditto for those who incite violence against Zionists and Jews during al Quds day rallies.

  • Watchman

    Not smart enough to phrase it in an SJW way, “Reduce Canadian contribution to Climate Change emissions. Stop immigration immediately to save the planet.”

  • SDMatt

    What are we, fucking England now?

    • Clausewitz

      Well in a couple of weeks when M 103 becomes a firm law and an indictable offense, well yes, yes we are.

  • Alain

    Not a very Canadian name that judge has. Just saying. Let the majority of Canadians make it clear “No more Muslims” and see how the state is going to charge and arrest every one of them. This is unacceptable.

    • Interesting that the case was assigned to a Muslim judge. Might he not be slightly biased, maybe?

      • Clausewitz

        Enforcing Sharia law, just like Trudeau wants.

        • Yes, you’re right, that is effectively what it is.

      • shasta

        I’m sure we all know how fair and honest muslim judges are, we see examples of their jurisprudence daily.

        • They are guided by the ‘supreme light’ of Mohamed and his Koran and Sharia.

    • J. C.

      “Judge Justice Ferhan Javed”

      I bet he’s Irish… 😉

      • shasta

        Yea right; Lahore Ireland.

      • caliroxanne

        It only takes one Muslim anywhere along the trajectory toward the position of judge. They get the Islamo-affirmative action admittance to college, then law school, followed by a sweet position as judge, then they get to adjudicate matters according to their Islamo worldview. They side with other Muslims wanting to flood our Western countries so there will be enough of a Muslim voting bloc so as to wield power and influence…

    • shasta

      The judge thought he was back in Pakistan not Canukistan. Though the difference is getting smaller daily.

  • Maggat

    It was only a matter of time. Jail for writing on a park bench?

    The only way to fight this is for hundreds of citizens to spend a day ‘defacing’ bus stop benches or any other place that need defacing.

    The point that muslims are not charged for obvious hate speech and actions needs to be addressed.

  • P_F

    A Canadian man is jailed for writing ‘no more muslims’ on the other hand a muslim is acquitted by BC judge of terrorism charges related to dozens of Facebook posts he made supporting the Islamic State and lone-wolf attacks.
    I say Canada is headed towards its doom.

    • Alain

      Headed? No, I think doom is upon us already.

      • Maurice Miner


        It is a sorry state of affairs when my on-line comments are limited to “Yes”.

        Be that as it may, it’s all that I can say at this juncture, perhaps apart from:

        “Fuck the Muslims!”

  • I can think of worse things to be jailed for, like killing Christopher Speer.

  • Clausewitz

    Oh my God, this is so much worse than Honour Killings, FGM, Terrorism, and Shariah Dominance. Throw away the key.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Why isn’t this protected speech?
    The man doesn’t want any more Muslims in Canada.
    That’s a perfectly rational statement and if Muslims don’t want to hear such sentiments then they need to ask why doesn’t everyone in Canada want to see more of us.
    The only thing left is violent civil insurrection if your freedom of expression is removed.

    • shasta

      A magic marker in a bus shelter was considered a dangerous weapon by the muslim judge. Apparently it leaves a permanent stain even with a guilty plea.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Which is ironic, since Muslims leave permanent and guilty stains wherever they go. I won’t even mention the issue of “rank odour” as it relates to burkas and other Islamist attire…..

        • shasta

          “Muslims leave permanent and guilty stains wherever they go.”

          Shit doesn’t count for this court.

  • Oracle9

    So much for equal application of Canada’s laws.

    I still cannot understand what law has even been broken in this case. It’s pretty obvious that this poor sod was talking about our government’s abuse of immigration laws. Any incitement to violence, the only way an incitement law can be applied, is absolutely not clear in this case.

    Where the f**k is our Loyal Opposition these days?

    • Lightstream

      They’re Liberal-lite.

    • shasta

      “So much for equal application of Canada’s laws”

      You must have been out of the country a long time.

    • SuperCanuck

      haven’t you figured out out entire political system has been co-opted and subverted? None of them main three parties are worth voting for.

  • Lightstream

    I emailed this to the PM (I wonder if I’ll be put in jail too) :

    Why is this man in jail for exercising his right to free speech? He
    should be released immediately! There is nothing wrong with what he said. He
    is entitled to express his opinion. This is completely wrong on so many
    levels! You may not like what he wrote, but he has a right to his opinion.
    Where does this judge think he is living…in Iran or Saudi Arabia?

    You are slowly getting rid of democracy in Canada and I am getting angry
    seeing this happen. It appears that everything is hateful and hurtful to

    It seems to me that the Liberal Party is turning into a fascist party.
    The media doesn’t report anything about what happened to Mr. Porco and they
    should have let Canadians know. There is something radically wrong with you,
    your party and the media.


    OSHAWA — A judge has sentenced a man who
    scrawled anti-Muslim graffiti at bus stops in Durham Region to five months in

    Joseph Porco shows little insight into the
    harmful nature of his conduct, Ontario Court Justice Ferhan Javed said in
    handing down the sentence Thursday, Sept. 21. “Mr. Porco’s message left black
    marks on a public bench but even after the words are scrubbed away with a guilty
    plea, it leaves stains that may be more permanent,” the judge said. “Mr. Porco’s
    message was both hateful and hurtful to the community and needs to be

    • SuperCanuck

      The liberal party is acting like a mini communist party

    • SuperCanuck

      The liberal party is acting like a mini communist party while the NDP are the literal communist party

  • tom_billesley

    It’s a fit up. Mahometans were going round deleting the comma he put after “no”.

    I’m surprised though, that Mr. Porco wasn’t instructed by the judge to change his anti-islamic name.

  • disqusW6sf

    The judge is fluent in Urdu and Punjabi and is a consultant to the Muslim Family and child services of Ontario.

  • Everyone Else

    He was accused of mischief, not hate speech.

    Yet the Muslim judge said he was jailing him for the hateful damage to the Muslim community.

    In other words, the judge added his own charge to the one made by the prosecutor.

    Because he wasn’t even charged with hate speech (or Islamophobia) he couldn’t prepare a defense against these things.

    The blatant injustice boggles the mind.

    • SuperCanuck

      typical moslem leukophobia

  • Davillus Hynzerelli

    Jailed for writing something hateful?? Canadians have gone completely madd