Wynne government still approving wind projects

The war of residents against industrial wind turbines is being fought by rural communities in many countries.

Their common enemy is the financially-powerful wind industry, which is failing miserably in its efforts to deliver affordable and reliable electricity. It survives because its revenues are government-contracted.

In Ontario, Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government won’t let local residents win this war.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile companies continue to abandon socialist Ontario. GM announced layoffs yesterday. Maybe they can go work at one of Wynne’s pot stores.

  • ontario john

    Rex Murphy has an amusing story about the global warming scam, at the National Post website today.

  • CodexCoder

    More wind from the Wynned Bag. The perfect PC election slogan: Wynne Wins? You Lose! Offered that to Patrick Brown, and heard nothing. Sow the Wynne, Reap the Whirlwind!

  • Follow the money.

  • john davis

    What Wynne is doing is sabotaging who ever will be the next premier. She knows it won’t be her.

    The province is in much worse shape than we’re led to believe and more turbines will add to this. Then look at when the 25% hydro “relief” will end: 4 years from now. Or a year from the following provincial election (after next year’s where she’ll lose)..something the next premier will have to deal with. And on top if it all, it will take a couple years for the effects of the $15 minimum wage to occur. Another thing the next premier will have to deal with.

    When the province is swirling down the toilet over the next few years, the “New and Improved” Liberals will come riding in on a white horse to save the day. And we’re back at square one.