The Making of Monsters

When a little boy who looked and sounded American appeared in propaganda video put out by the failing Islamic State this week, threatening “Trump: puppet of the Jews,” it caused a sensation as, of course, it was meant to do.

  • Watchman

    Many of the leftists after watching the video might just say privately, “CAIR is truly on our side, and we can work with them until Trump is gone.”

  • Gary

    The big problem for all the wars and suffering on earth is that Edmund Burke made it clear that evil can triumph when Good men do nothing.

    Too many Politicians like to staff the Military and police with Nice people that freeze during a crisis by their Judgement that prevents them from any Foresight to see that while nobody looks forward to War…they look forward enough in time to see that war will cause thee fewest deaths to the least number of people affected by war.
    The 2 Bombs in 1945 that pushed Japan to surrender , now seems to be used by Leftists and teachers to paint the USA as evil to kill about 300,000 civilians .
    Both bombs hit Industrial Cities that made war machines while one was supplying the Torpedo’s to the Sub Pen South if it in the coast.

    Then we had Tojo …..he assured the Emperor that the island has 5,000,000 Loyal subjects ready to defend the mainland from any Beach landing Invasion by the allied forces.
    3,000,000 civilians and 2,000,000 in the Military where 5,000 were Pilots and of those over 2000 were kami Kazi’s ready to dive the plane into troop carrier and battle ships.
    Justin’s father defended the nazi’s and Hitler in the 1930’s as well as staying quiet when Japan stated their slaughtering in 1931 . The 1936 Olympics were a farce in Germany in 1936 because Japan and Italy were their to form the 3 Stooges for fascists wanting Global Domination .
    The Liberal progressive of that time didn’t have the SJW’s with them, so they sat their with a smile as Hitler opened the games uncontested because good people chose to do nothing .
    Justin’s father would have been a rich kid 17 year old in 1936 which was the same age as many that died in Normandy on the beach in 1944. So Pierre wasn’t stupid, he was smart to let the poor send their children off in 1939 to 1945 to die for HIS freedom to have a moron son and pot head wife one day .

    Hamas wants global domination in a Caliphate just like ISIS , Hezbollah , boko haram and Imam Steve Rockwell wants by their own words and verses from their Holy book.
    If killing 3000 child terrorists in hamas means that almost 1 billion children globally won’t be slaughtered later on by devout muslims obeying the Holy book to convert or kill the 6,000,000,000 unbelievers on earth that allah hates…… I would see the 3000 jihadists are already dead when hamas handed them an AK-47 or a suicide vest to kill my children for allah.
    Hamas and islam own the deaths and blood shed as it has for 1400 years……Omar Khadr was not a CHILD because his Holy book orders all muslims males over 12 to do Jihad for allahs cause as a warrior .

    I would be thinking of the 1,000,000,000 children I saved from islam death machine by the islamists as I squeeze the trigger to mow down the victims of hamas child-abuse that they would kill anyway as iran did when they send boy into Mine Fields before the Soldiers went in .
    Now that Pam McConnel is dead, we may see less innocent people getting killed by savages because she hated the Police and wanted their guns taken away. But when the leftist want more training for Cops be Social Workers with a Phd in psychology…… the City wanted to use the TASER to replace guns ( yes with a an S , Tomas Anthony Smith Electric Rifle), Pam saw the demonstration and reject them as cruel and could he the criminal.

    Keep a-holes like Pam out of Federal Politics where she would make the Military social workers as she wanted for the Cops.
    All the compassion for Omar Khadr has him on our streets and he’s an expert on making IED’s , because of this I have predicted that when his bombs go off the CBC and STAR will blame Harper for rescuing him.

    Human Rights belong to humans, not 4-legged rabid savages that walk erect ….Toronto will end up like a Detroit with a touch of Baghdad suicide bombers thanks to Liberals and progressives.
    200 years ago the pedophiles were taken outside town for their date with a noose….today they get jobs as teachers or run for the Liberals and NDP or freely march in PRIDE parades .
    The NDP and Liberals have no problem with child abuse at PRIDE.

  • Islamists use children this way.

    For some reason, they are exempt from scathing.

  • JoKeR