‘Sanctuary Family’ Sitcom In the Works at ABC

The sitcom, tentatively titled Sanctuary Family, centers on a husband and wife who constantly clash over the chaos created when they provide sanctuary for their undocumented nanny and her family, Deadline reports. The two families slowly come to learn that their similarities far outweigh their differences.

  • tom_billesley

    To be popular with critics it’ll have to be a same-sex couple with a transgender nanny.

    • terrence22

      and ANY color except white.

  • Nermal

    So does the nanny have MS-13 gang tattoos?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Will the illegals be played by real illegals?

    • Liberal Progressive

      If not than those actors playing the illegals are guilty of cultural appropriation, and the show must be boycott!

  • Observer

    Is this a fantasy program or will it have the wealthy progressives paying the nanny below the minimum wage and helping her family only because they would have to pay an American nanny the legal wage and paying income taxes?

    Also the progressive family would be Democrats and demand that everybody including poor families pay higher taxes to help out the third world and for “green energy projects” that their transgendered indeterminate adult child gets huge government subsidies for.

  • Clink9

    Keep it up lefties. Making TV shows nobody will watch.

  • The Butterfly

    This butterfly bitorrents.