Marriott Refuses to give in to Islamist whining

And Slate is unhappy!

Marriott Refuses to Cancel Conference Booked by Anti-Muslim Hate Group

  • I can only wonder if MS April Glaser is going to have her clit cut off to show solidarity with those poor discriminated Muslims.

    • SDMatt

      Tagline says April Glaser is a Slate technology writer.

      But of course, who better to write about the subject at hand?

  • Dmsj50

    Marriott has hosted the CAIR annual banquet for many years. CAIR’s association with the Muslim brotherhood and HAMAS should theoretically make it a hate group. Fair is fair.

  • mobuyus

    Any group that is anti islam is a ” love group” not a hate group, the hate group is islam.

  • felis gracilis

    Brigitte Gabriel is now being described as the founder of a hate group? If anybody should know what we are dealing with here, it is a woman whose origins are Lebanon’s Christian community.
    What sort of quisling media reports like this?

    • SDMatt

      One that links to the Morris-Dees-We’ve-moved-millions-in-cash-offshore-Southern-Poverty-Hate-Group-Law-Center “profile” of her.

  • SDMatt

    Marriott recently started a new ad campaign called “Golden Rule,” which appears to promote a theme of treating every person with equality and dignity.

    The Golden Rule is a Judeo-Christian concept completely absent in Islam, which instead has the opposite, namely Sharia, which appears to be what the event participants are concerned about.

    So all’s good as far as I can see.

  • SDMatt