‘Islam, It’s Also Our History!’: EU Funded Exhibition, Featuring Fake Bomb, Opens After Terror Delay

Isabelle Benoit, a historian with Tempora, the organisation that designed the exhibition, told AP: “We want to make clear to Europeans that Islam is part of European civilisation and that it isn’t a recent import but has roots going back 13 centuries.”

  • disqusW6sf

    Muslims claim they are discriminated when applying for work. That should be a big hint.

    • jayme

      Who would wish to hire them, given any choice in the matter (ignoring Starbucks, I guess)? There is a continual risk of their tedious whining and complaining, of some unreasonable demand for “accommodation” with regard to their beliefs or, not infrequently, official complaints/lawsuits on their part. Even when they’re not causing trouble, they are – with their 5 kiss the floor breaks a day routine and the inevitably poor energy levels during their damn ramadam,

  • xavier

    Said the German who NEVER had to deal with the catastrophic Moslem invasion on her ancestors territory.
    If Islam is so European why did the Iberian peninsular kingdoms kick them out and expel them?

  • k2

    Pure propaganda, of course. But in the interest of fairness, I’m sure we can expect the EU to fund similar exhibitions paying homage to the European victims of Islamic terrorism, and a historically accurate presentation detailing the centuries of continual aggression and warfare on the part of islam against Europe. Undoubtedly.

  • Watchman

    Islam is part of European history the same as Dysentery has been part of Europes history. Something to be feared, and something that killed many Europeans.

  • V10_Rob

    Why yes, islam DOES have a significant historical presence in Europe stretching back many centuries. By all means, let’s discuss their impact on European civilization at length.

  • tom_billesley
  • Ed

    Also celebrated was Cholera.

  • marty_p

    Next we’ll see the Smithsonian in Washington DC open a building that will celebrate the Mo contribution to America.

  • Gary

    I had expected Obama to force NASA to fake Moon photos that show the remains of a Mosque and sandals prints in the dust . Hollywood was next to make a Movie ” Saving Private Muhammad ” .