Christie Blatchford: Unfashionable as it is to say, Trump spoke the ugly truth in his refreshing UN speech

Trudeau’s speech, a mea culpa really for Canada’s past wrongs against indigenous people, was what the UN loves to see, a first-world country in full apologia

  • Ed

    I watched Trudeau’s speech. Kept thinking “…what a trashing of his old man’s legacy!” For 15 + years Trudeau the elder presided over the native gulags…

    What a preening dick.

    • Gary

      My Father has a native American background where his people were pushed out of the Vermont area in 1600 and cross into the Quebec border area where the remnants after 1791 settled on farmland which his family still owns and has a Cemetery dated about 1805 to trace his roots . In 1942 he and 3 brothers left the farm to headed to Montreal to enlist in WW2 while Justin’s father was a rich kid Lawyer that sat it out so the Poor could send their children to die for HIS freedom.

      During the 1930’s when Justin’s father was defending Hitler and the Nazi’s , my fathers family was treated like crap by the rich white catholics such as Justins father where US Indians were expected to speak french and change their names to french.
      Sorry Justin…. they stayed on the land and spoke English since the colonizers purged their language by 1800 to speak English to survive prior to entering Quebec.

      I’ve now been screwed over by the 1st Nations fascist for the native Status even when my dad had dual Citizenship By Treaty ( 1794 Jaye treaty ) since the 1920’s as did his family .
      The US natives are not give Status because many entered canada in the 17 hundreds . The Government uses the 1st nations for who get Status , but the US Status by the Jaye Treaty that would give me free access to cross the border needs a letter from Canada that i have native Status in canada.
      So I can’t go back to my fathers land and now I don’t have native status here in canada .
      Over 10 million illegals in the USA and need a passport to enter thanks to the muslim terrorists on 9/11 .

      We’re still getting screwed over and I don’t see any socks on Justins with teepees and natives.
      He wore Ramadan socks at the PRIDE parade when my father’s people were here 4000 years before islam was invented. New face, same Liberal BS .

  • ontario john

    Yes, Canada must be so proud that its prime minister goes before the world’s leaders, and calls the people that built this country racist bastards.

  • Gary

    Does Justin not know that his won father was the PM during those years of neglect to native.
    How F’d up can this guy be because when he attacked Harper with the allegation that he would put troops on the Streets with weapons….a Reporter during the scrum told Justin that his father already did that in 1970 ……Justin had a stunned look as said that ” That was before my time ” .
    Oh really???? So the neo-nazi’s are okay because the real 1930’s nazi’s was before his time and don’t count in his Peter Pan world.

  • mauser 98

    Blatchford will be kicked out of TO for this
    banned from every poofta pucker snowflake twink snivel snot party ,restaurant occasion

    • ontario john

      But at least the Toronto Star at its downtown Toronto offices, are excited about the Invictus Games. That is because there is a trans gender participate. Because nothing is more important to the Star than perverts and muslims.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Her observations are not new. Pierre Burton wrote about what a grandstanding, corrupt organization it was as the League of Nations. This was before it became the UN and allowed communist countries , and dictatorships to be members. I can’t imagine it’s improved since then. It’s just another way to scam tax dollars to people who really don’t want to work for a living.

  • moraywatson

    The truth isn’t ugly. The truth doesn’t have an agenda.

  • deplorabledave

    That last line LOL, I love it.

    This was written by Coop LoPresto on FB and has, as they say, been making the rounds:
    “Allow me to summarize each paragraph of Trump’s UN speech:
    1. Welcome, thanks for being here.
    2. Thanks for offering help with hurricanes, but we don’t need any.
    3. I’m the best President
    4. America FUCKING ROCKS!!
    5. It’s the current year!
    6. I know some of you bitch-ass bitches in here support terrorism. I got my eye on you motherfuckers.
    7. Fuck you, China.
    8. Fuck you, too, Mexico and South America.
    9. It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.
    10. We could make the world great again. Just sayin’.
    11. Hey, remember when the UN was supposed to do things that mattered? Good times.
    12. LOL, y’all got wrecked by WWII and America is the only reason you recovered.
    13. The strength of the pack is the wolf.
    14. I’m tired of footing the bill for this organization and NATO.
    15. Seriously, how hard is it to not fuck over your own people or fuck with other countries?
    16. The EU is fucking stupid.
    17. Be more like America, EU.
    18. America FUCKING ROCKS!!
    19. America invented freedom and don’t you forget it.
    20. We have the best Constitution.
    21. Power to the people.
    22. America First! (TM)
    23. America First! (TM) and you should do [your country] first.
    24. Seriously, the EU is fucking stupid.
    25. Get on my level.
    26. Y’all need to start contributing, you fucking freeloaders.
    27. Sort yourselves out.
    28. America fights your battles for you.
    29. America didn’t go around colonizing places after WWII.
    30. We’re gonna do what’s best for us.
    31. Reagan Mode: Engaged!
    32. Fuck you, Russia, China, and North Korea.
    33. Fuck you, the Middle East
    34. “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.”
    35. Fuck you, North Korea.
    36. Seriously, North Korea, you suck. The fuck is wrong with you?
    37. These motherfuckers want to nuke us.
    38. And China’s helping them. Fuck you, China.
    39. Try something, you little bitch. Rocket man. I will fuck you up!
    40. I’d like to thank China and Russia for playing ball with us against North Korea.
    41. What the fuck have the rest of you done? Well, it ain’t enough.
    42. I see you over there, Iran! You’re next, motherfucker!
    43. Fuck you, Iran!
    44. Act like I don’t know you’re sponsoring terrorism, Iran!
    45. Obama was fucking stupid. The Iran Deal is bullshit.
    46. I’m coming for that ass, Iran.
    47. You’re a BITCH, Iran!
    48. There’s a reckoning coming, Iran. You little bitch!
    49. You’re the one bitch who still thinks terrorism is cool, Iran!
    50. I’m more popular in the Middle East than you are, Iran!
    51. We fight radical Islamic terror, not sponsor it, you bitch!
    52. You’re a terrorist-sponsoring bitch, Iran!
    53. Terrorists are losers.
    54. I’m better at this War-On-Terror thing than Obama was.
    55. Like, WAAAAY better. I’ve got Jim Mattis. We get shit done.
    56. Weapons of Mass Destruction 2: Electric Boogaloo
    57. I think I watched “The White Helmets” on Netflix once. That was cool, I guess.
    58. How ’bout them refugees, right? Let’s fix this problem.
    59. Nobody wants refugees in their country. Fix their homes so we can send them back.
    60. It’s one of the many reasons why I have a wall to build.
    61. Mexico’s trying to send us all the people it doesn’t want.
    62. But, I mean, c’mon. We don’t want them either.
    63. Nice try, UN, but America’s still the #1 Humanitarian contributor.
    64. America’s the only reason y’all are living in the 21st Century
    65. Seriously, UN. Get on our level.
    66. Why the fuck are Muslim theocracies on your Human Rights Council?
    67. I’m tired of footing the bill for this organization, you freeloaders.
    68. The rest of you ain’t doing shit to fix anything.
    69. This is all a waste of American money, and you fuckers know it.
    70. Fuck you, Cuba.
    71. Fuck you, too, Venezuela.
    72. Socialism’s the Goddamn worst.
    73. Just ask the Venezuelan people.
    74. We all agree the Venezuelan government sucks.
    75. I’ve called them out on this. Pray they don’t piss me off.
    76. The rest of you South American countries get it, don’t you?
    77. The UN’s gotta do more to free Venezuela from Socialism.
    78. Like seriously, Socialism sucks SO BAD. Every. Single. Time.
    79. De Oppresso Liber
    80. We’re all for free trade, but…
    81. NAFTA’s a fucking joke.
    82. I’ma get what’s mine
    83. Get on America’s level, rest of the world.
    84. WWII was about patriotism.
    85. But let’s just focus on the Allies’ patriotism. It’s less awkward, that way.
    86. Globalism sucks.
    87. Sort yourselves out, rest of the world.
    88. Just say “no” to Globalism, kids.
    89. America hated Britain before they rebelled against it.
    90. ~America! Fuck yeah!~
    91. America FUCKING ROCKS!!
    92. Make your countries great again!
    93. Quit fiddling with this globalist bullshit.
    94. If you embrace patriotism, you too, can be somewhere near America’s level.
    95. What took you guys so long to realize that?
    96. We’ll all be better off for it.
    97. Alright, I’m gettin’ the light. Good night, everybody, You’ve been wonderful. Give yourselves a round of applause!”

  • The UN is responsible for much of the world’s suffering.

    Trump should have said: “The United States is withdrawing.”

  • Maggat

    Christie Blatchford’s writings seldom disappoint. Here she bolstered my take on the UN, which is put simply – throw the lot into the Hudson River and be done with it.