Anti-Islamic Discrimination Rising In Countries Attacked By Jihadis

The poll, conducted by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, reported that 40 percent of the 10,500 Muslim participants across Europe say they have experienced discrimination in various forms, according to The Guardian. The agency conducted the poll in 15 European Union member states, including: Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Each of these countries has suffered Islamic terrorist attacks that killed multiple people in recent years.

Totally irrational, right?

  • deplorabledave

    What the eff do you expect!

  • Marius K

    Tolerance is a luxury only available to civilized and wealthy societies. There so much tolerance inequality in the world.

  • Alain

    Sure, clearly there is far from enough intolerance and discrimination since none of them decide to return home and others are still coming (invading). It is always the same old victim card, aided and abetted by the 5th columnists.

  • JoKeR

    Meanwhile those same Muslims who are victims of Islamophobia say they are more than willing to embrace non-Muslims.

    • deplorabledave


  • dukestreet

    They just can’t help themselves. They have to be the victims regardless of the fact that they are the perpetrators of a massive amount of violence against anyone who is not them.