‘A Lot Of Girls Would Probably Rather Die’: In Russia’s Chechnya, Lesbians Tell Of Suffocating Existence

The young woman was riding in a taxi to the airport when she decided to make the call. She had just left her home in Russia’s southern Chechnya region — for good, she thought, first on a flight to Moscow to pick up emigration documents and then on a plane out of the country.

But the taxi driver was eavesdropping. And when the woman told her friend she had run away, he locked the car doors and drove her back home, fearing potential consequences for his role in her planned escape.

The 22-year-old woman was a lesbian who claimed that her relatives had beaten and threatened her with death after learning of her sexual orientation. Within a week of the fateful taxi ride, she was dead. Her family says she succumbed to kidney failure. Some who knew her believe she was poisoned; but a close friend rejects that claim, telling RFE/RL that she had indeed suffered from kidney problems.

  • WalterBannon

    good riddance

    the only good Chechen is a dead one

    allah akbar

  • vwVwwVwv

    Yaaawn, Tshetshens are Muslims, they do this stuff but they could marry her off with her lesbian friend, some guys like this stuff and in Islam it’s halal.

  • Joy Daniels Brower

    I’m rather shocked at the two terrible posts below! First, the “dead Chechen” one, of course, then the indifferent dismissal of the strange and horrible reality of Chechnya – right in the middle of Russia! I dare say that Dearbornistan, MI is on its way to becoming such a place, but so far, please, God, it’s bad, but not that bad!