“What Muslim Leaders Say in English Means Absolutely Nothing”

Sharon explains that there is a major difference between agreements in the Muslim world and agreements in the West. “In the Muslim world you only keep an agreement because you have to keep it, but the moment the agreement can be terminated, you terminate it, because you are the stronger party.”

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  • Solo712

    A very interesting article on the Muslim attitude to treaties I found in Daniel Pipes; MEF :

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    I can’t believe any sane person would believe a muzzie if they told you the time of day. Lying and deception are built right into islam. And there can be no accommodation with them. They are implacable and committed to our conquest or destruction.

  • ismiselemeas

    Why is this pathetic sand box still dominating the agenda? Can no one rid us of this troublesome priest?

  • occupant 9

    Well that POV comes from no less an authority on Islam than Mo himself … that “perfect man”. Interestingly and invertedly, in Torah God says we must keep our oaths and commitments, no matter, because the point is to be faithful to your word … which is why we must be careful about the promises we make.

  • simus1

    “What Muslim Leaders Say in English Means Absolutely Nothing”

    The beginning of wisdom.

  • CodexCoder

    Sharon has correctly identified the Islamic doctrine of hudna where a treaty has a maximum lifetime of 10 years or whenever the Islamic party of the treaty deems themselves strong enough to defeat the other party in the treaty. The world is divided into Dar Islam (the Islamic World) and Dar Al Harb (the World at War). If your country has ever been ruled by Islam, it is considered to be forever Islamic, and if your country has not been ruled by Islam, it is part of the World at War. So if you can’t figure this out, Canada is part of Dar Al Harb, and the Islamic faith, through all of the forms that jihad takes, is doing its level best to make Canada a part of Dar Islam.

    Sharon had lots of experience with the PLO and its respect for treaties. Mohammed said it best: “War is deception”. And if anyone believes that M-103 is not part of this agenda, read the Koran. Secular society has no answer for this implacable political idea called Islam because it is used to the foundation of the Judaeo Christian value system. It does not understand that Islam stands in total opposition to that value system because in postmodernism, all truth is group truth, and all groups truths are of equal value (as in multiculturalism per Pierre Trudeau, Justin and the Liberal Party of Canada).