This should go over well…

Islamic charity buys former BBC theatre which hosted Danny La Rue, Marlene Dietrich and Monty Python in heart of London’s Jewish community to turn it into Muslim centre

  • tom_billesley

    It is what is known as a “ribat”, an outpost fort in enemy territory.

  • Gary

    First they turn the area into a crap hole, then the violence pushes out all the non-muslims to make it a caliphate by-proxy .
    Last year I was at a Polish festival in Toronto and there was a booth set-up by Muslims that were sell food from Lebanon. Lebanon used to be a Christian based nation until Muslims moved in and made it the $*it-hole it is today.
    All of the women had hijabs and did the clean jobs as men handle toe food……but since the bad news by ISIS where they want muslims in the food sectors in the West to poison the food for non -muslims to kill them. I don’t even buy an imported chocolate bars from Turkey.

    There was a case in the USA where a Muslim worked in the bakery section of the grocery chain , equal to our Loblaws , and was arrested by the FBI when several locals died from poison and it was traced back to pastry items the muslim had sprinkled poison on .

  • marty_p

    There is a similar situation in the GTA. A Shiite Mo group run an Islamic school in Vaughan that sits next to Ner Israel Yeshiva (an orthodox Jewish school that was there long before the Mo’s bought the empty former hospital for their school).
    Orthodox Jews study Talmud next to building that hosts children’s plays that promote beheading:
    This is the same Islamic group that proposed building a Muslim Sharia compliant subdivision in the middle of a predominantly Jewish area.
    It took intense lobbying and protesting by the community to stop the subdivision.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The white liberals in the art community are positively cheering. Most of the West End and British tv and film industry will convert to Islam in the next 5 years or less. Anyone who doesn’t will have to find work elsewhere.