The M103 Sham

The article below sums it up nicely, this study is a sham.

Parliament’s anti-racism hearings kick off with witness warning of ‘Islamists in the corridors of power’

Pretty much as expected, the Liberals are vote whoring for their Islamist constituency.

  • Old Guy

    “Islamophobia” “This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliché conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.” Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, former Muslim Brotherhood adherent

    M-103 weaponizes what a ‘phobia’ is

    These hearings are reminiscent of the German Weimar Republic in the 1920s. They introduced anti-hate laws only to have them used against them by Hitler’s Nazis in the 1930s. Candice Malcolm is right Islamophobia legislation will be used to silence legitimate criticism of Islam.

    Where is the outrage over the political class throwing our most fundamental of all freedoms under the bus?

    • The Liberal Party should be deported to ButtF$ckistan.

      • ontario john

        So your not impressed with the Chewbacca socks little Justin wore yesterday?

      • JoKeR

        The Liberal Party is doing everything it can to turn Canada into ButtF&ckistan.

    • moraywatson

      Pegida is holding a rally at London City Hall this Saturday Sep 23 from 11:00am to 1:00pm.

  • ontario john

    The good thing for the Liberals, is the woman they appointed as chair, will just make things up as she goes along.

    • Khalid is an asset, her family are Islamist 5th columnists as is she.

    • Old Guy

      I believe that Hedy Fry, MP for Vancouver Centre, is the Chair of the Heritage Committee. This is the House of Commons Committee which is tasked with taking up the study of Islamophobia.

      In 2001, she made the following statement in the House of Commons. “Mr. Speaker, we can just go to British Columbia, in Prince George, where crosses are being burned on lawns as we speak.” She later amended her comment to say “recently” rather than “as we speak.”

      One cannot possibly imagine what kind of outrageous comments this new opportunity will afford the honourable member.

      ‘Cross-burning’ furor hits Liberal

  • Liberal Progressive

    Of course we need Sharia Law to stop people blaspheming the Prophet Mohammed and the Holy Quran.

    After all Canada is a Muslim country.

    • JoKeR

      HOW DARE YOU! You used the Prophet’s name without saying, “Peace Be Upon Him”.

      There is only one answer to that in sharia law…..

      • A Hamilton Guy

        The proper spelling is piss.

    • Starlord

      Soon Canada will be like the UK where Mohammad will be a top 10 popular baby name…

      They are not allowed to worship idols, or draw Mohammad etc ( correct?) but they name themselves after him and wear the gnome beard, try to look like him etc.. So have they turned themselves into idols… thus they are Islamophobic…

  • moraywatson

    Muslims do NOT comprise a race.
    Do Canadians comprise a race?

    • J. C.

      The Dumbass race, apparently…

    • JoKeR

      You are wrong. They are a race. They are a race back to the 7th Century! 🙂

    • Christians are a race now! Let’s cash in at the HRC’s!

  • CodexCoder

    And most people have not read the article in the National Post by Christine Blatchford where alleged terrorist, Dughmosh, re-affirmed in court her disdain for our due process, her allegiance to ISIL and her affirmation to re-offend at the earliest available time.

    From the article: “Tell her (the judge) I am still a supporter of the Islamic State and I am not guilty”

    Thirteen charges, all regular Criminal Code offences such as attempted
    murder (four counts), several of assault or assault with a weapon (the
    golf clubs, knife or, in one instance, a bow), carrying a concealed
    weapon (the knife and bow) but with the catch that they were all
    allegedly committed “for the benefit of, at the direction of or in
    association with a terrorist group,” were duly read.

    And the money quote: ““Tell her I will always be supporter of Islamic State until the last day
    of my life, and if you allow me to go, I will do the same thing I tried
    to do the last time, and failed.”

    And we have every right to question those that believe in Islam as she does and need to push back on this legislation because of people like Dughmosh.

    • Tooth&Claw

      THAT needs to brought to the table.
      AND the fact there are more like her, and they’re sane as judged by mental health professionals.

      • CodexCoder

        And how many of us would get an invite to the table? I am a conservative, white, heterosexual, Christian,male incorporated business owner. In short, the anti-Christ. It won’t be me.

    • She’ll be our next Heritage Minister!

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Some gutless prick will let her off.

  • Gary

    The hamas funding CAIR-canada tried to get sharia in canada back in 2005 when Sheema Khan claimed it gave more rights to women than tour Charter.
    They failed but CAIR changed its name and is trying again because Justin is a moron while Liberals don’t care how many people get slaughtered as long as they get votes to stay in power.

  • Ho Hum
  • Liberal Progressive

    We absolutely need to have an anti-Islamophobia law because the friends of our Liberal Party promised that if we get that they will not do any terror attacks in Canada at least until after the 2019 election.

  • barryjr

    Thanks eastern Canada for electing these %#*&( hope you’re proud of yourselves.