Parsons Green bombing: police search south London house

Police are searching a property in south London on Thursday morning after making a sixth arrest over the Parsons Green terror attack.

  • tom_billesley

    So far, the only names that have appeared in the media are Yayah Faroukh, 21, arrested in Hounslow and Bilal Mohammed, 25, arrested in Newport, both of which were snatched off the street, presumably in front of mahometan witnesses. I suppose that police don’t want people connected with the others to be forewarned.

  • Gary

    Wow, can they do any more of a dance around this muslim terrorism jihad .

    It’s bad enough they report how a VAN plowed in a crowd and killed dozens.
    Now they report about a failed bomb on the train and now it’s a House is the suspect.

    I took printing and Typesetting in 1971 and we learned the W5’s of reporting in case we want a job at a New paper to become a Reporter one day .
    When it comes to islamic terrorism by Muslims with bombs……it’s now W3 and sometimes W2 for Where and When but not Who , What and Why .