Neo-Nazi turned ‘Islamic State’ supporter goes on trial in Germany for bomb plans

Seems like old times….

The trial of an alleged neo-Nazi turned so-called “Islamic State” (IS) supporter begins on Wednesday in the German state of Lower Saxony.

Prosecutors accuse Sasha L. of planning to bomb police and soldiers by luring them into a trap. Three other defendants – Afghan, Turkish and German nationals – also stand accused of aiding and abetting the 26-year-old German.

Sasha L. was arrested in February after police raided his apartment in Northeim, Lower Saxony, where they found materials for a self-made explosive device. Some of the materials to be used in the bomb were bought over the internet and intercepted by police.

  • Gary

    I talked to a young person that was told that Trudeau was greatest PM in canada. When I asked them if they were told that Pierre supported Hitler and Nazi’s in the 1930’s….. they didn’t believe it.
    Justin’s father mocked those that warned about the global threat by the Nazi’s. He claimed that Hitler was a problem for England, not France .
    But then came May of 1940 , plus 5 years later Justin’s father saw the 12,000,000 people were killed in the death camps.

    Thank You Pierre Trudeau……now your idiot son wants to Jail people that warn about the neo-fascist that is the islamists that want Global Domination.
    M-103 will morph in to a Law. CAIR-Canada has called Tarek Fatah an islamophobe as they do any Muslims that exposes CAIR’s ties to funding Hamas.

    CAIR is behind the M-103 to get sharia in canada because in 2005 it was Sheema Khan from CAIR that tried to get sharia and failed .