M-103 weaponizes what a ‘phobia’ is

“…The term “Islamophobia” was popularized in the 1990s by a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood that promotes Sharia law.

It was introduced to promote victimhood amongst Muslims.

A former adherent of this group, Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, now rejects Islamist ideology and says this of Islamophobia: “This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliché conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.”

The ultimate purpose was to advance the Muslim Brotherhood’s mission — to impose Sharia law — by silencing critics and stifling free debate.”

  • tom_billesley

    They saw how useful the term “homophobia” had become, and modelled “islamophobia” on that.

  • Gary

    What worries me is that pakistani muslims will use M-103 to punish the Ahmadi’s in canada which are seen as Apostates back home where the saudi’s had to cut a deal to keep the peace.
    Pakistan was pressured by the saudi’s to protect the Ahmadi sect as valid muslims but in exchange for that the saudi’s won’t allow them into their nation for the hajj as de-facto non-muslims banned from mekkah .
    This agreement goes back to around the 1950’s .

    But don’t be fooled….the Ahmadi’s use a less oppressive sharia in canada and
    now have their Peace Village housing area where they don’t sell the homes to non-muslims.
    It was sold as Sharia compliant to keep women in the kitchen and away from men . Even though the Council granted them a Permit for their illgeal mega-Mosque….. they demanded that the Teston Rd public school make the Gym a mosque on Friday’s because muslims are now the majority of students .

    There is also the Sunni/Shia hatred that hasn’t yet reared its ugly face as it did in iraq.
    M-103 seems like muslims are trying the carve out their Sect and the true islam first so they can use the 103 when it’s law and silence all other muslims voices .

    Liberals won’t wake-up from their brain-fog until Toronto becomes a Baghdad with muslims bombing each others mosques .

  • Ho Hum

    Are these M103 hearings being held behind closed doors? I was hoping to see a video of Tarak Fatah’s appearance but I don’t see anything online or at CPAC.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    A phobia means that I have an unnatural fear of something; Well I’m not afraid of the lowlife satanic goat humpers.I just have a common sense awareness of what they are capeable of.