Czech Appeals court rejects hijab complaint of Muslim granted asylum

Prague, Sept 19 (CTK) – A Czech court on Tuesday rejected an appeal of a Somali girl who demanded that a Prague secondary medical school apologise to her and provide financial compensation of 60,000 crowns for allegedly having banned the wearing of hijab.

The verdict has taken effect.

The girl, who was granted Czech asylum in 2011, said the hijab ban indirectly discriminated against her in her access to education and a free choice of profession. The school previously called the case absurd.

“According to the appeals court, the complainant does not have the right to wear a scarf as a manifestation of religious belief without any restrictions on the premises of a public school that must be a neutral environment,” the judge Jan Klasterka said.

There is the right to manifest one’s religious belief, but also the right to have no religion and no religious symbols and not to view anything as a religious symbol, he said.

Granted asylum, attends a medical school and she still has to pull that Muslim bullshit. They should send her back to Somalia, civilization ain’t working for her.

  • simus1

    The same thought processes that conflate arab stone age mentality customs like hijabs and boorkhas as being an integral part of the muslim belief system no doubt were at work among the multitudes who are certain that ex-Emperor Barry is “black” despite all available evidence to the contrary.

  • Barrington Minge

    When is she leaving?

  • Charlamange Rock

    The woman is taking this up the judicial ladder to the supreme court. Wonder who is paying her legal fees?

  • Solo712

    One thing I found positive during my visit to the Czech Rep this year is that none of the candidates for the prez (elections in 2018) goes along with the EU commissars on migration. The sad thing is that none of them speak with the force and clarity of Victor Orban.