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Limousine Liberal Leo DeCaprio Joins Globalist John Kerry: Climate Deniers Like Trump Shouldn’t Hold Office

Two hypocrite climate change freaks decided to pontificate to a packed house at Yale. Both John Kerry and Leo DeCaprio love to hear themselves talk so this had to be a snoozefest. The most ironic thing about the preaching on global warming coming from these two men is that they have HUGE carbon footprints. Does Leo not understand that we know he travels by private jet and big yacht…What a joke! These two blow hard limousine liberals are why Trump won.

When Bill Clinton Threatened to ‘End’ North Korea

The liberal media is going ballistic over President Trump’s UN speech, launching into collective orbit over Trump again mocking little man Kim as “rocket man.” This time, President Trump made that jab not from his Twitter account on a Sunday morning but from the world’s biggest international stage: the vaunted assembly of the United Nations in its diplomatic splendor on the East River. The media exploded over Trump’s threat to “totally destroy” North Korea if crazy Kim attacked the United States or its allies.

How a 5-year-old’s ‘pretend play’ resulted in a school suspension

Modesto parents are upset that their 5-year-old son’s “pretend play” resulted in him being suspended from school, and said they want the disciplinary action removed from his permanent record.

Jackson Riley attends the Great Valley Academy public charter school in Modesto and was suspended for a day for making terrorist threats, TV station Fox 40 reported.

Rhode Island: Brown Univ will offer segregated student dinners for Muslim women and blacks

To promote “racial reconciliation” after the deadly clashes between white nationalists and counterprotesters in Charlottesville last month, Brown University plans to offer segregated events to its black students and female Muslim students

The university received a $30,000 grant from the Association of American Colleges and Universities, which represents liberal arts schools, to create a campus center whose mission is to “break down racial hierarchies and create a positive narrative about race in the community,” according to The Brown Daily Herald.

One might be tempted to think the university leaders don’t actually want “racial reconciliation”. After all they worked so long and so hard to foment discord.

Why does Canada want to remove symbols of its Scottish settler past?

Sir John A Macdonald, whose face will be removed from the Canadian $10 note, was prime minister of Canada when the first residential schools were set up to teach both the English language and Christian word to indigenous children. Macdonald, born in Glasgow’s Merchant City in 1815 and Canadian prime minister for two spells in the late 1800s, believed it was their best chance of success and that native traditions would weaken in just a few generations.