Alarmed by Islam, Europe’s Gays Are Moving to the Right #M103

For decades, in both America and Europe, the gay establishment – gay magazines, gay rights organizations, and self-designated gay leaders – have been dictating politics to the gay multitudes. Those politics have been consistently left-wing and Democratic. Not all gays have played follow-the-leader, but most have, so that in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections Hillary Clinton won a far larger percentage of the gay vote than Donald Trump.

Even though Hillary had opposed same-sex marriage until 2013, had taken millions of dollars from governments that execute homosexuals, and was married to the man who signed the Defense of Marriage Act, the gay mafia had managed to depict her as gay-friendly while depicting Donald Trump, a longtime gay marriage supporter, as an enemy of gay rights.

  • Alain

    I think that is what one calls a slow learner, but still better than those who refuse to learn.

  • barryjr

    Supporters of the left are so set in their positions that they can’t see reality when in it is opposite of their positions and it slaps them in the face. The left should be commended for the masterful job they have done brainwashing millions.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      They didn’t have to brainwash the dummies, the dummies were always dummies.

  • J. C.

    About time they woke up to the danger they’re in…

    • Frances

      Unfortunately, it’s going to take a fair few targeted bombings on gay nightclubs and gay bashing incidents before they’ll even begin to wake up.

      • Le Fox

        Omar ‘One Man Machine’ Mateen did nothing wrong.

  • rwg1949yt .

    so little, so late, so pathetic. it is like the 458 lb woman who says all of a sudden one day, she is going to diet. was she blind at 450 lbs?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    After the darkness comes the dawn.

  • Hard Little Machine

    All this tells me is that sane people and conservatives are a part of every cohort. ‘Gays’ are not a monolithic thing. But the fact is that most of them do lean hard left, pro Islam, pro whatever is most likely to kill them. That’s on them. I can’t care very much and I don’t.

  • bargogx1

    Self-preservation eventually kicks in, even in the most deluded.

  • Le Fox

    ‘Oh, no! A group that won’t back down from our accusations of homophobia and won’t accept gay marriage! Quick, let’s go groom the Right to become another Left and make it gay-friendly!’ – These ‘Right wing’ gays.

    Sorry, but the reason why we’re the Right is because we don’t want to be another Left. We gave them everything and they still call us bigots and threaten churches and those who oppose them with hefty fines. They’re getting their Karma via Islam. They can’t use the HRC on them. Muslims will fight back.

    You can express your virtue signalling on gay rights when they come over. But you’ll soon find they’ll gay sharia us. It all boils down to: ‘Hey, you can trash Islam but don’t be homophobic, man.’

  • Gary

    I’m so glad I took a stance to break off any Financial Business with the Bank Of Montreal when they sponsored PRIDE as 2 pro-hamas groups were in it.

    For about 5 years the Morons in the Boardroom at BMO ignored hamas brutally murdering homosexuals by sharia as does about 11 muslims dominated nations .
    TD /Canada Trust was also in bed with the Pro-Hamas groups in PRIDE while I watched Susan G Cole and Naomi Klein refused to denounce it and they also refused to denounce the jew-hating Mosque that Dalton McGuinty and Wynne approved in the Valley Park public school to get the votes from the homophobia islamists.

    I have always believed the ” Time woulds all Heels ” , and very soon TD and BMO will be exposed by the gays for their pro-hamas stance for 5 years by using Share holders profits that were skimmed off to divert to those endorsing murdering gays by-proxy .
    BMO-PRIDE forces employees to morally and financially support the Causes that the BMO Foundation charity gives to.
    BMO is now going after the Sharia banking business to appease muslims , but I doubt the Bank tells the Share Holders that their Capital they lend to BMO in exchange for Shares and a Dividend has been endorsing by-proxy islamic homophobia that kills gays and not just treat them poorly.

    Don’t forget how GLAAD went after the CEO from Mozilla just because he agreed with Obama and Hillary in 2009 to oppose gay marriage .