Two Britain First leaders charged with religiously aggravated harassment

Is it any wonder this went on so long?

Apparently you are not allowed to religiously harass Islamist pedophile rape gangs.

  • DMB

    These Islamist apologist are demonically influenced considering all other logical and rational explanations have been exhausted.

    • jayme

      Quite possibly. Evil and/or insane works as well.

    • Chris

      Never underestimate fear as a motivating factor.

      • DMB

        Many seem so willfully eager to be complicit in the destruction of their own nation and people.

        • Alain

          I think it has more to do with hating your own country, its history, traditions and culture than fear.

    • shasta

      I refuse to give them any excuse.

  • ontario john

    Yes, you must not say anything negative about muslims, when they rape, murder, or terrorize society. That is Islamophobic and you will be charged.

    • Alain

      Clearly the case in the UK and on its way to Canada.

  • ontario john

    But in more important news. Fox network is reporting that everyone is talking about our little Justin wearing Chewbacca socks. Yes, he is so cool. Who else would wear Star Wars socks to a serious business forum in New York. Canada can stand proud!

    • Tooth&Claw

      OMFG. When are they going to talk about his Spiderman underwear? Our media are degenerate.

    • Gary

      The media in Canada did a clip where people clapped as he repeated how he’s a feminist.
      Forget that he is help to spread sharia and has been quiet on the 400% increase in honour-killings

  • Dave

    the british judiciary should be the ones on the ground in this picture (a cure for stupid)
    Same with the assholes in this country.

  • felis gracilis

    Why won’t the cowardly bloody Grauniad give us any detail about why they are being charged? Are they afraid the public will realize the charges are bullshit – or is it that they themselves have been so cowed that they can’t bear to repeat – even as news – the alleged “religiously aggravated harassment”, whatever the bloody hell that means!

  • Gary

    John Tory and Premier Wynne still haven’t denounced that jew-hating homophobia mosque near TO’s City Hall.
    In fact…. when Canadians protested outside it …..those two called them bigots and that there is no place for them in Toronto.
    Nice one Mayor….. you now support murdering jews and the quran inspired pedophilia while one of the Imams called for murdering the 34,000,000 non-muslims in canada.
    Looks like that Mosque wants to kill all the hard working smart people and make Canada just one more islamic swamp and hell-hole with Oil Lamps , wood stoves and donkeys .

  • shasta

    “Is it any wonder this went on so long?” Wrong tense; it hasn’t stopped yet, and I would hazard a guess it wont be stopping any time soon.