Some idiot at the Star wants M103 to declare Islamophobia a form of racism

M-103 study should explore how Islamophobia is a form of racism: Paradkar

As everyone knows, M103 is all about the sharia. No matter how much they try to move the goal posts and redefine “racism” to suit their agenda Islam is at its core a political ideology, a violent supremacist cult “religion” that seeks dominance, not tolerance or acceptance, but dominance. Wherever Islam is at or near majority status oppression and violence follow. There is not a singe Islamic state that does not persecute its religious and ethnic minorities. There is not a nation in the west, including Canada, that does not devote vast security resources to containing the terror threat posed by the “Religion of Peace” even when its adherents constitute relatively small percentages of the population.

The Liberal party have done this nation a great disservice by granting credibility to vile deceptions such as M103 and ludicrous notions such as “Islam is a race”, all in the name of tolerating the intolerant. But suicidal virtue signaling is so Liberal and so 2017!

Political correctness and the desire to avoid being called “racist” has allowed such travesties as the M103 study to fester and have now reached peak insanity where even criticism of ISIS is considered “Islamophobic”.  Unfortunately tragedies such as Rotherham have also been the result of the useful idiots who propagate dangerous nonsense such as M103.

Now please tell me, when do Christians get to be a race Ms. Paradkar?

  • Gary

    The claim of racism for islam supports what I read from the quran where muhammad created a religion for non-whites.
    Muhammad was recorded as saying that only muslims should own slaves because islam gives them more rights than the White-man’s religion .

    But no matter what a non-muslim says about a verse from the qarun…you have 1.5 billion muslims that can’t agree on what the True quran is and they will say that you cited it out of context.

  • xavier

    One of the things that we must kill ofc permenantly is the notion of Islam is a race, if the apologists want to play the game i’ll oblige and ssk tgem what race? Do you mean Arabs because they’a very racist hierarchy within Islam where black Affican women are tbe loest of the low. Arab regarc their black corelgionaries as slaves even if they are ostensivly Moslem

    • Bernie

      Islam is a Cult of Death, not a Religion of Peace.

  • Old Guy

    Has our political class learned nothing about free speech?

    Was the controversy and eventual repeal of Section 13 of the Human Rights Act not enough for the supporters of shariah style blasphemy laws to recognize that everyday Canadians highly value freedom of speech – even when it is offensive? Is freedom of speech not the most basic and cherished of all rights in a free and democratic society?

    Free Speech for Thee (but not for Me?)

    • Our political class are to a man craven gutless vote whores.

      • Malcolm Y

        C’mon don’t sugar coat it – tell us what you really think.

  • Ed

    I’m fine with this shit. It’s when lefties come close to sounding reasonable that they’re dangerous. Stay in the fever swamp and everybody gets you’re nuts.

  • marty_p

    Muslims themselves say Islam is not a race and proudly proclaim that Islam has followers from all racial groups including Australian Aboriginals:

    The idiots at the Toronto Star and Crescent have an agenda (a stupid one at that) i.e. they are hoping if they pander to minority interests – considering the changing demographics of the GTA, that they can stem the tide of their declining circulation numbers.

    It’s not just the Toronto Star with an agenda – anyone notice how the grocery store flyers (especially the discounters like No Frills/Food Basics/Freshco) celebrate every obscure ethnic holiday with pages in their flyer proclaiming “Happy xxx_day”
    (I am waiting for “Happy Human Sacrifice Day”).

    • It’s sophistry designed to further the Islamist agenda, Islam must be both conqueror and victim simultaneously, its adherents are the whiniest most aggressively violent “victims” on Earth.

  • moraywatson

    Totalitarian supremacists WANT to be seen as being different. What is the point of ‘striking terror into the hearts of the unbelievers’ if the unbelievers don’t know who to be afraid of?

    • Muslims shed blood throughout the world on a daily basis yet still demand victim status under threat of still more violence. What an evil vile cult.

      • moraywatson

        Pegida rally Saturday 23rd from 11:00am – 1:00pm outside London City Hall. Mark Vandermaas among the speakers.

  • tom_billesley
  • What is the scientific basis for Islam as a race? What are the characteristics of this phenotype?

    • Exile1981

      A very narrow gene pool from 1400 years of inbreeding.

      • I see …

        • Exile1981

          Characteristics of inbred
          children include mental and physical abnormalities such as impaired
          cognition and birth defects, according to a 2014 article in PLOS ONE.
          Inbreeding increases the frequency with which genetic disorders are
          expressed, thus causing individuals to exhibit potentially damaging

          So the obvious traits of this “race” would be deformed skulls, lower cognitive ability, increased violence, poor impulse control, gross physical deformities and lower immune systems (ie more likely to get diseases an be carriers)

          • Indeed.

            Nicolas Sennels also some articles about this.

            My point, however, was how do people of other races magically change races if they convert to Islam.

            I guess that’s a thing.

          • Exile1981

            Yes it’s a thing. A special magical process that applies to islam and Christianity. Though if you convert to Christianity you magically become part of the white supremacist ‘race’… according to the media.

          • Oh, crap.

            All the African Christians will be shocked to hear this.

  • Malcolm Y

    Why can’t mohammedanism be charged with racism ? mohammedans promulgate that everyone else should be completely subjugated to them and their beliefs.

  • Malcolm Y

    People say you can’t tell good mohammedans from bad ones. That’s false. The good ones are room temperature or less; the bad ones are about 98deg F.