Russia rejects request to release files on Swedish diplomat who saved WWII Jews

A Russian court on Monday rejected a request to release classified documents about Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, whose death in a Soviet secret police prison seven decades ago remains shrouded in mystery.

Wallenberg used his diplomatic powers to help nearly 20,000 Jews flee Nazi-occupied Hungary during World War Two, before he was detained by Soviets in Budapest before the end of the war.

  • simus1

    Little doubt that Wallenberg was ripped off by Stalin’s thugs. Whether they had to disgorge their takings to the great man for redistribution and his cut first or not is probably the basis for the present regime’s embarrassment over such old crimes.

  • Frances

    Wallenberg lived on the Buda side of the Danube, not far from the Gellert Hotel. There’s a plaque on the house where he lived; came across it some years ago when walking in the area.

  • Hey – remember when everyone thought that Putin was a great guy and a champion of democracy and stuff?

    Yeah …