Multiculturalism is Europe’s new faith

Never mind the terrorists, chaps, London will just keep calm and carry on. We’ll put the kettle on or defy them by going out and getting pissed, because life will just continue as normal. That’s the fitting response to terrorism, and it won’t affect our lives.

Except it will. It will affect your life when you’re queuing endlessly to be searched by security in every public building. When you pass by bollards and barriers put in place to stop mass vehicular homicide. The nervousness you’ll feel whenever you’re on the Tube or when your child gets on public transport in the morning. As the attacks increase, you’ll hear more and more anecdotal stories about acquaintances or Facebook friends or even actual pals caught up in these events. (The wife and seven-year-old daughter of a good friend of mine were in the carriage at Parsons Green, and caught up in the crush.) And they will increase – there is very little chance of this problem going away.