Independent: Focusing on London Tube bomber’s refugee status “shamelessly Islamophobic”

Yes, stopping or even slowing the Muslim migrant influx won’t stop native-born Muslims from waging jihad. Yes, some refugees have no intention of waging jihad or trying to impose Sharia norms over the law of the land. But the argument presented here is ridiculous: “We will not stop terrorism by kicking blameless families of refugees out of the country. This only radicalises would-be terrorists into thinking they are defending their own communities.”

  • tom_billesley

    All refugees are of the muslim race.

    • Jabberwokk

      Game, set, match.

      Good pickup sir.

  • Focussing on the supposed Catholicism of IRA thugs was anti-Catholic but that never stopped anyone.

  • Jabberwokk

    I’d say It’s Statistical at this point.

  • Blacksmith

    But deporting all those of a those of a supposed religion that has a book that they call holy that tells them to kill you if you don’t belong to their particular flavor of said supposed religion might actually stop this crap.

  • I posted this on the Jihad Watch article:

    “we will not stop terror in London by kicking blameless families of Syrians out of the country”

    He is right there. Even families of Syrians who aren’t blameless are not the cause of Islamic terrorism. Islam – the vile ideology that brainwashes them – is. You will certainly stop Islamic terror in London if you kick Islam out of the country. I presume that logical conclusion escapes the demented, candy-floss Lefties.

    There must surely be some explanation for the fact that people with seemingly sufficient intelligence to spell their own names fall over, wide-eyed and frothing at the mouth, at the merest hint of even the most rational criticism of Islam? There is something going on here that transcends even Lefty stupidity; it is like a strange Science Fiction movie. This review of District 9 is worth pondering on:

    “… it is hard to believe that anyone could be tolerant if an alien spacecraft arrived on Earth carrying over a million of those repellent giant lobsters uninvited.”

    Different cultures need something in common if they are to rub along together in the same community, and I see no more commonality between Islam and the West than that reviewer saw between giant alien lobsters and the earthlings. We must not be deluded by the fact we have the same numbers of arms and legs (ignoring for the moment the tragic results of centuries of moronic Islamic in-breeding).

    Ban Islam; demolish the mosques; deport the Imams – that will stop terror in London, and everywhere else in Britain; not to mention the Islamic subjugation of the British people. Then this idiotic ‘writer’ can go back to sneering at those who plod out to work to support their families. Even Red Riding Hood figured out that the Wolf had taken over her Grandma, but instead of an axe-wielding forester we get this.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Yes it’s shamelessly islamophobic, so what as long it’s the truth?