Tory leader Andrew Scheer cannot be a pussyfooter

It’s make it or break it time for Andrew Scheer.

The newish leader of the Conservative Party of Canada – his squeaker victory in May coming as a surprise during the 13th round of a complicated balloting system – has to break up the lovefest Canadians still seem to have for Justin Trudeau.

This is job number one, and it’s no easy task.

Tall order I’d say.

  • Liberal Progressive

    How could anybody criticize our genius philosopher king Justin Trudeau?

  • jayme

    If the PCs are to form a government, they need the NDP to cut into the Liberals’ vote; the last election was won largely because the NDP support collapsed (particularly in Quebec) so if they – the NDP – get a charismatic leader, there is a chance for the PCs. The number of actual conservatives in this country seems to stay relatively stable, at say, 30-40 percent. This is enough to be elected, even with a majority, but requires that the Left is split.

    Not that it really matters – Harper was a centrist on most issues (refused to privatize the CBC, brought in zillions of mostly muslim immigrants) and I doubt Scheer is would be any better.

    • Felix_Culpa

      “Not that it really matters – Harper was a centrist on most issues (refused to privatize the CBC, brought in zillions of mostly muslim immigrants) and I doubt Scheer is would be any better.”

      Sadly, with Canadian society being what it is these days, I can’t see it being any other way. These days, the general public is being brainwashed by the MSM to equate Conservative with “far right,” “white nationalist,” and “Nazi” and that’s the end of the story.

  • shasta

    Andrew Scheer may be marginally brighter than Trudeau, but I doubt he would be a good PM. I would rather have someone like Lynn Beyak for PM.

    • Justin St.Denis

      How can any but “anointed” politicians even gain the necessary public profile, given the Canuckistani MSM’s inability to be honest or relavent? Like many conservatives, I cringed at the election of JT, but what can one Cabadian do? Nothing but ignore the carnage wrought by JT and his Liberal cronies over the next few years. Let Canadians awaken to what they have done to themselves in their own time. In the meantime, conservatives should develop their own personal Plan B in the event of a liberal reelection. There are other places to live………

      • shasta

        No one is saying it is easy, but you can not get to where you want to go by electing milquetoast “leaders” like Scheer who crumble at the first bit of name calling that they are mean or unfeeling and who have no underlying basic philosophy that they can base their policies on. Conservatives need to be attacking not just the policies, but the premises that that those policies are based on in all the “leftist” parties. “There are other places to live………” but I think you will find yourself in the same “place”.

      • Lightstream

        You don’t turn tail and run, you stay and work to get the Liberals out of power.

        I voted on the Conservative leadership ballot for Kellie Leitch and was really hoping she would win. Now we have Andrew Scheer which I’ve heard is liberal-lite. I’m not supporting any party right now.

        It would be nice to have a PM, who isn’t leaning so far to the left he’s practically falling over, and actually cares about the culture that made Canada what it was (past tense deliberate) and wants to keep it.

        I guess I can dream on.

        • A Hamilton Guy

          I know that one of the ladies would do a better job.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        Yes but reading letters in the baby star(hamilton spec), there are a lot of stupid people(lieberals) out there.
        please note: when I use lower case, I use it deliberately.

  • Waffle

    I’m still on my first cup, but isn’t it incredible how Scheer looks more and more like Joe Who? every single day?

    • Solo712

      No kidding!

  • Marius K

    From my perspective Scheer style is not that different from Trudeau’s , except the socks. Scripted message, persona created by consultants, opinion polls driving policy – the whole package of modern politics. Perhaps this is a symptom in natural process of population loosing confidence in the known system. Hurricane in global politics is just on the horizon. Trump is going to be know as minor event.

  • pike bishop

    He should quit pussy-footing around and try pussy grabbing. Worked for Trump.

  • DaninVan

    Thirteen rounds to pick a leader says everything I need to know.

  • Is he up to the task?