Scandinavia: Shift in Immigration Debate

Not long ago, Norwegian journalists were virtually united in representing Sweden, with its exceedingly liberal immigration policy and its strict limits on public discussion of the subject, as a model of enlightened thinking that deserved to be emulated. Meanwhile Denmark, with its far freer atmosphere of debate (remember the Danish cartoons) and more sensible border controls, was almost universally depicted in Norway as a deplorable hotbed of Islamophobia. That appears to be changing. As Hans Rustad of the alternative Norwegian news website noted recently, the term “Swedish conditions,” which some of us have been using for years to refer to the colossal scale of Sweden’s Muslim-related problems, is actually turning up these days in the mainstream Norwegian media — although the relationship of those conditions to Islam is still routinely underplayed, if not entirely avoided.

  • Editor

    If there are any native Scandinavians left in Norway and especially Sweden in fifty years, maybe they’ll do something about it.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      Like Ireland, there are more ethnic Norwegians in America than there are in Norway.

    • Watchman

      All muslim-run countries need shimmies and slaves, otherwise the muslims will start turning on each other. In many counties invaded by muslims, the non-muslims were actually restricted from converting to islam; possibly so that there would still be productive workers left in that country to be exploited and highly taxed.

      So, there will be Swedes, just like there are still Christians in Egypt and Pakistan. You would not want to be one of them though.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Europe’s Muslim and African immigrant problem could be solved bloodlessly (on our part), and over only a year or two if the European countries would announce the cessation of all welfare benefits in addition to a cash bonus for voluntary deportation.
    Those that sign up immediately get the most, those that have to be dragged kicking and screaming (and the jihadist, and the criminals) get nothing.
    Imams get extra for getting members of their Mosque to self-deport.
    No Muslims, or descendants of Muslims that have immigrated since 1939 can remain.

  • This is rather like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.

    The best the Scandinavians can do is maintain what is left of their countries. They cannot (and will not) defend it.

    • k1992

      They will have to formally cede territory in the very near future.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Well ok but now what? More chat, more talking?

    • Watchman

      Submission. That is what ‘Islam’ actually translates to, instead of the widespread but false claim that the literal translation of ‘islam’ is ‘peace’.

  • pdxnag

    Death rattle?

  • They are like the band playing as the Titanic is sinking.

    “Oooh,” in a Swedish accent, “The floor is at a funny angle. We must convene a committee to discuss convening a committee to look into the question of convening a committee which will appoint a sub-committee to investigate how best to pretend that the floor is not at a funny angle.”

    The mind boggles. “Ooh, what big NO-GO Zones you have Grandma,” said Swedish Red Riding Hood. “All the better to eat you with, you gormless child”, replied the Islamic Wolf.

  • felis gracilis

    Hard to believe that these wastrels and dhimmis are the descendants of the Vikings!

    • Watchman

      Current historical research indicates that the captives the Vikings took in raids around the coast of Europe were traded to muslims as slaves. It would appear that the descendants of the Vikings are still selling out people to muslims, but the people they are selling are their fellow descendants of Vikings.

      • felis gracilis

        “Selling out their fellow descendants..”. This is clearly true of the descendants of most of the other western tribes as well: Saxons, Franks, Frisians etc. It is their so-called leaders who are selling them out as their media cheer the sellout and their academies prepare them to be sold out while encouraging them to think that they will be the ones doing the selling.