Parsons Green terror suspect ‘wouldn’t hurt an ant’, relatives say

Relatives of the Syrian refugee arrested as part of the investigation into the Parsons Green bombing have insisted the suspect “wouldn’t hurt an ant” and “loves” the UK.

Yahyah Farroukh, 21, became the second person to be arrested in connection with Friday’s attack on a rush hour Tube train which injured 30 people.

Like the 18-year-old Iraqi man arrested in Dover, Mr Farroukh had also lived at the Surrey home of a respected elderly couple who specialised in the foster care of refugees.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Clearly it is all the fault of the elderly white Christian foster couple for corrupting and radicalizing these poor innocent Muslim children.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Maybe that’s true. Problem is that he tried to kill people not ants.

    • Observer

      As far as they are concerned Kaffir are not people.

      • Yo Mama

        I could tell that by the Arab-supremacist keffiyeh he is wearing!

        • John Boy

          I didn’t think he was wearing it in London to prevent the sand from going down his neck in the sand storms.

  • marty_p
    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      Can we behead that LARPing faggot?

    • Watchman

      Don’t forget Charles Windsor once said that once King, he would not just be the titular head of the Church of England, “Defender of the Faith”, but will be “Defender of the Faiths” [plural].

      If you don’t believe in the cultural supremacy of your own religion, it is better to resign immediately rather than doing an immense disservice to your fellow congregationalists by your indecision and lack of belief.

      This means you, Charles. Or are you happy to represent and promote the Santanists too?

    • ismiselemeas

      Beyond G – A – Y

  • A Hamilton Guy

    His relatives are only following the muzzie rule book; lie like a son of a bitch.

  • canminuteman

    He might not have a problem with ants but he’s not big on infidels.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    Yahyah Farroukh’s is odd looking. His eyes are spaced too wide apart. Inbreeding.

    • JoKeR

      That would offend him to know you don’t approve, when he is the proud child of seven generations of first cousin marriages! 🙂

  • ismiselemeas

    Of course!