M103: ‘I have never seen such fomented anger’ says Muslim 5th Columnist

Members of Parliament of different political stripes have been getting an earful about a controversial anti-Islamophobia motion passed last spring.

On Monday, the House of Commons heritage committee began a study of racism and religious discrimination required by M-103, a motion whose sponsor, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, received death threats and hate mail after she tabled it in December 2016.

She’s not the only MP who’s been hearing about it. A number of those present remarked that they’ve been contacted repeatedly about the issue.

This is the Liberal Party, Quislings all.

  • Achmed

    Islam uber alles! The Golden Age of Islam has returned!

    • JoKeR
    • LairdKintyre

      I wonder if Iqra Khalid is expecting 72 virgins for migrating in the way of Muhammed and opening up Canada for Sharia?

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        He’ll have 72 virgin swine in hell with demons who have flaming whips to keep him at it

  • mobuyus

    You ain’t heard nothing yet invader.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    She’s reintroduceing blasphemy legislation into Canada.
    Why can’t you stop her?

    • Editor

      My MP didn’t even answer my e-mail and questions regarding his support for M-103. 701 days until the next general election in Canada.

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        Muh Charlottesville!!!
        Wrong country, you stupid wench!
        Non Canadians come to Canada and attempt to usurp what little freedom of speech you have; isn’t that cause to throw their butts out?
        Everyone on that stage is a freedom hating scumbag that is trying to carve up Canada into a fiefdom for their clan.
        Sickening that you cannot speak an obvious truth.

      • Yup, he may yet be a one term wonder.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        It doesn’t matter who wins the next election. The CPC is just Liberal Lite anyway. They won’t stop letting invaders in and kowtowing to BS multiculti nostrums.

        • Editor

          Sadly, I think you’re right but we have to start somewhere.

      • Gary

        My liberal MP has an Electric door lock system on the Office on Bloor and a speaker system to tell them why you want to enter and talk about your subject.
        The MP’s Office is just North of a well-know Jew-hating pro-hamas mosque that was also supported by the NDP when Peggy Nash held the Seat.
        This Lib. MP was that same one that clapped for Justin when he defended ISIS raping little girls by saying he wouldn’t rescue from the MP’s muslim brothers in ISIS.

        • Tooth&Claw

          As does my MP. Lovely hey? Just who do they loathe and fear?

    • Liberal Progressive

      It’s only natural to bring in Sharia Law in a Muslim country like Canada.

    • Will Quest

      It’s surreal that the truncheons of blasphemy would dictate conversations in 21st century Canada ~!?!

  • terrence22

    Someone should read parts of the quran and the hadith in the house of commons; especially all those places that it says to kill the Jews and infidels – it really should be TrueDOPE doing the reading

    • He can’t read.

    • Gary

      Wynne did not condemn that Jew-hating mosque near Toronto’s City Hall when their Imam was exposed in a Video calling for jihad in Canada to kill all the jews and the 34,000,000 non-muslims .
      Imam Steve Rockwell claims that muslims must do Jihad when they have the Numbers and make Canada an islamic state.

  • simus1

    She “sponsored it”. Sure she did.

    • mobuyus

      She has uncles & cousins to please.

      • simus1

        Uncle Sneer and Uncle Scheer.

  • LairdKintyre

    Men and Women like those who fought in Canadas past wars won us our hard wrought Rights and Freedoms. They were paid for in the blood of our fathers and forefathers. Why are we allowing newcomers to curtail and redefine those same Rights and Freedoms?

  • Dwayne1011
    • Tooth&Claw

      This needs to be sent to every freaking MP in Parliament.

  • barryjr

    Send this idiot back to whatever cesspool she came here from. She doesn’t believe in Canadian values and just wants to make Canada into another third world shithole.

  • This pants-soiling b!#ch will be free from criticism once this is stamped into law.

    People voted for this.

    • Will Quest

      She Pees a little, with excitement, every time Christians are persecuted & jailed by the Blasphemy law in Pakistan …… I suspect she also has an izzlamic orgasm …..
      What’s an izzlamic orgasm , one without any pleasure for females .