London Update: West to Blame for Islamic Terrorism

Generic terrorism struck again in London last Friday. That’s what it always is initially — an act of terrorism without specific cause. It’s the etiquette. As if London’s tube bombing could possibly have been done by a rogue Anglican. What are the Vegas odds on that?

  • tom_billesley

    Random attack by random perpetrator for random cause.
    The only thing that isn’t random, isn’t even a variable, is allocation of blame.

  • Liberal Progressive

    It’s the fault of the foster parents in this latest case of terrorism because they did not teach those refugees that Islam is The Religion of Peace.

  • Ah, blame the West. That old trope.

    • Clausewitz

      The new stuff isn’t that bad, but sometimes you just want to hear the old classics…………..

  • Interesting, if slightly wonky analogy in that article:

    “Muslim killer bees mating with Western honey bees will eventually produce
    drones. The affectations of Islam will remain, but harder, aggressive, deadlier aspects of the faith with vanish. Peace, love, and harmony will hold sway.”

    Er, when African Killer Bees arrived in America their very aggressive drones (the males) pushed the locals aside and mated with the local queens. The result is not, as the writer implies, peaceful drones, but highly aggressive colonies carrying the killers’ genes, producing yet more highly aggressive drones thus spreading highly aggressive Africanised honeybees throughout America, to the huge detriment of the local bees. Sound familiar?