Grenfell death toll may fall as ‘fraudsters have invented missing loved ones’

The death toll from Grenfell Tower may fall because some of those missing have been invented by fraudsters, the police have revealed.

There are eight people who have either been charged or are under investigation for fraud in relation to the inferno which ripped through the west London fire block.

Whilst some of those claim to have lost their homes to “get benefit” others have claimed to have lost loved ones, police confirmed.

  • The Butterfly

    Such a wonderfully diverse community.

    • But so many victims were described as undocumented migrants fearful of the government!

  • Dana Garcia

    “Gimme summa dat victim cash.”

  • moraywatson

    Never let a crisis go to waste. It’s the socialist way.

  • ed

    90 % migrant tenents 70% illegaly sub-let

  • Frances

    “…a large quantity of cash was stolen from one flat.” – and just how was that cash accumulated, given these are all “poor” refugees and undocumented residents? Ordinary English are cut off benefits the minute they accumulate even a modest amount of cash.

    • Watchman

      How dare you question the traditional cultural practices of milking the kuffar welfare system for righteous jizya payments!