Britain is No.1 in Europe… for online jihadist propaganda, report finds

Gee, I wonder what happened that the UK should rank so high?

Online jihadist propaganda gets more views in the UK than in any other European country, according to a new report.

Britain is ranked fifth in the world scale of audiences accessing online extremist material, trailing behind Turkey, the US, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, the Policy Exchange study found.

  • Ego

    “Online jihadist propaganda”—And here I was thinking that Google, Facebook and other social media are cracking down hard on online hate content. Whatever could have gone wrong?

  • felis gracilis

    There’s a reason it’s called Londonistan.

    The mid- to late 1990s were the years when Britain’s capital earned the sobriquet of “Londonistan,” a title provided by French officials infuriated at the growing presence of Islamist radicals in London and the failure of British authorities to do anything about it. […] Raids in France and Belgium had produced phone and fax numbers linked to the United Kingdom, and names of suspects were passed on. Some French officials believe that if more had been done by Britain at the time, the network behind the summer of 1995 bombings might have been broken up and the attacks prevented.

    • Watchman

      My reading is that the Jihadist masterminds were told by the police and authorities that as long as no violence happened in the UK, these jihadists were free to do everything else: preaching, fundraising, and organising.

      • felis gracilis

        If this is true, then the British authorities are no better than the Saudi authorities.

  • Watchman

    What a shocking picture, don’t they have any knowledgable muslims at that prayer?

    According to respected Hadith of Abu Hurayrah: “Prayer is interrupted by a woman, a donkey and [or] a dog”, so their praying in the street seems to be annulled by the (presumed) woman pushing a baby pram in from of them.

    So if this payer isn’t for religious reasons, then it must be continued for other reason; demonstration of supremacy and mob power perhaps?