Wynne’s cannabis retail plan a buzzkill

While politicos were feverishly high with Premier Kathleen Wynne testifying in a Sudbury courtroom last week at the trial of her Liberal Party lieutenants facing election law bribery charges, Ontarians were left scratching their heads after her government’s cannabis retailing scheme was announced.

For all the talk of wanting to take illicit cannabis off of our streets, away from organized crime, and out of the hands of Ontario’s minors, Wynne decreeing the half-baked debate done is likely setting the stage for her government’s next billion-dollar boondoggle and accomplishing none of the above.

Well connected Liberal Party members will make a killing, that is guaranteed.

  • ontario john

    Nice photo of the Wynne family.

    • laja kurc

      They certainly are three beauties, particularly the one in the middle. She comes by it naturally.

  • canminuteman

    If anyone could lose money selling drugs, it would be the Ontario government.

  • Waffle

    “. . .off of” (sic) “carbon copy” “. . .granite countertop pricing for wafer-board veneer.”????

    Never min the buzz-kill Mr. Ellerton, obviously a graduate of a somewhere-in-Ontario creative writing program, has packed in enough cliches and home-grown buzz words to ensure that his strategic advice will not be taken seriously.

    Sorry, Jamie — no such animal as off of.

  • Canadian Born

    Canada’s government is so crooked and we as Canadians are letting it happen. I wonder if the drug dealers are thinking of taking her and her queer friends down? One can always wish!