St Louis protests turn violent for third night over acquittal of white officer in police killing

A largely peaceful rally in St Louis turned rowdy on Sunday as a handful of demonstrators protesting at the acquittal of a white police officer over the fatal shooting of a black man in 2011 threw bottles in response to police making arrests.

Hundreds of people gathered for the third night in a row in the Missouri city of almost 320,000 people. Violence erupted the previous two nights, evoking memories of the riots following the 2014 shooting of a black teenager by a white officer in nearby Ferguson, Missouri.

More than 80 people were arrested as police in riot gear used pepper spray and arrested the demonstrators who had defied orders to disperse following a larger, peaceful protest.

  • tom_billesley

    St. Louis PD could do with a few military surplus armoured vehicles.

    • I bet;)

      • Leftist identity politics at work.

        Where are the real black leaders?

        When blacks put as much effort into physics and medicine as they do into grievance politics, there will not be a problem.

        • barryjr


        • dukestreet

          But that takes actual work and you have to take responsibility for your actions. Easier to be a hooligan and destroy innocent people’s work and lives.

  • simus1

    Mostly agitators again from nearby Humbugology U?

  • marty_p
  • Savages, thugs. The acquittal is just a pretext for indulging in violence and mayhem. This is how they stay poor and ignorant, by choosing the path of idiocy.

  • If Judges and prosecutors are smart there are two things that they should do in order for the arrests to be effective:

    1/ DO NOT give them jail time (unless it’s a serious felony). Jail time will only give them the opportunity to boast: “I was a political prisoner under the Trump regime” — jail will be worn as a badge of honour because that’s how Commies think.

    2/ DO give them heavy fines — at least $10,000, and require a financial statement to be submitted by the accused. Since we are mostly talking about property damage and monetary losses, a smart Judge would use it as a “teachable” moment, the same way you would do with juvenile delinquents. Mentally these people are 12 year-olds. But 12 year-olds with bank accounts, automobiles, etc.

  • David Murrell

    The posted article states that St. ouis has a population of 320,000. According to this Wiki article:

    the moribund city’s population peaked at about 850,000 in 1950. Talk about rust-belt cities. And the regular rioting by the oppressed minorities (majorities?) can’t help but stem the outflow of people.

  • barryjr

    Build a big fence around them and then when they decide to settle down go in and shoot the survivors. End of thug problem it’s a win for society as we get rid of the animals and don’t have to pay their upkeep in the country clubs.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Cops should walk off the job. Let it burn.