Professor goes into hiding after mocking tweet about ‘dead cops’

The John Jay College professor who said it is a “privilege to teach future dead cops”has gone into hiding amid an avalanche of death threats.

Mike Isaacson told The Post on Sunday that he fled the city — and refused to reveal his whereabouts — after his offensive Aug. 23 tweet.

  • Fred_Z

    For the first time ever I understand the old timey insult “Pencil neck”

  • k2

    That’s too bad, isn’t it? He’s getting a taste of his own medicine and apparently doesn’t much like it.

    • And the irony is nobody will touch a hair on this guy’s head, and he knows it — it’s just another “victim” opportunity for the weasel. The Left is untouchable. Contrariwise there has in fact been a rash of Police assassinations, for at least a year now, as a result of the massive Left “death rhetoric” against cops. Black and minority cops seem to be especially targeted — likewise ironically — probably under the guidance and encouragement of White fascist Left “brave Professors” such as this one.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        He could use a barber to further his anonymity.

        • David Murrell

          Heh. Lol.

        • Alain

          But who would want to be the barber?

          • Maggat

            A little slip with the razor and…problem solved.

        • His neck is his Achilles’ heel.

    • And this guy “teaches” cops. What an idiot.

      Typical leftist, with not enough brains to understand the consequences of his own actions.

      I hope his loser pays dearly for his stupidity.

  • Brother Antony

    He can’t hide forever. Some people believe in the axiom ‘Never forgive, never forget.’

  • Mark

    Keep running coward. Funny how your words have consequences. Guess he thought that only applied to his political enemies.

  • roccolore

    It’s funny how the bold liberals go into hiding.

  • I hope this guy is not Jewish.

    • DaninVan

      In the NY Post link (last one) the comments went anti-Semitic rather quickly.

      • Observer

        I think that is considered acceptable because it is a lefty publication.

        • A Hamilton Guy

          My great grandson (he’s 4) would kick the living shit out of this goof. In our Arctic survival training he would be the first in the soup pot.

    • UCSPanther

      There are a lot of idiots on the right, who sadly, still subscribe to the old Nazi-era claim that communist = Jewish. Plenty of those idiots on American Thinker. You can them by their loud and open support for Russia, Iran and Assad, and their compulsive bashing of Israel.

    • Alain

      Why? It isn’t as though there are no brain-dead leftists whose only claim to being Jewish is by birth. I make no difference when it comes to these retards whether they are Jews, Christians, white, brown or black.

      • Just worried he’d give some Jew-haters one more pretext.

        • DaninVan


  • Dana Garcia

    Tucker Carlson outed this creature as a dangerous idiot.

  • dukestreet

    Amazing that a so-called professor doesn’t understand cause and effect. Most of us learned it when we were toddlers. Remember the ” Touch that and I’ll spank you” most of our parents said & what they did when we didn’t listen.

    Of course he could’ve grown up in one of those familie,s where parents are afraid to discipline their children, because it might injure their poor self image.

    He can’t seem to follow up with his big words, considering he’s gone into hiding.

  • John

    Yet another intellectual with more hair than brains.

  • PapayaSF
  • Maggat

    That long skinny neck. I’ll bet a jihadie would love to have at it, piece of cake for a recreational beheading.
    A re-post from a few days ago.

  • Spatchcocked

    I guarantee they’ll run him to ground hiding in his moms basement.